Easy Song Licensing Team

We research for you, before or after you buy.

Learn which of your songs require licensing before you buy. Our licensing experts track down the copyright holders for you and provide results in 1-2 business days. The research is handled by real people, and you can talk to us if you have questions. We are the only licensing service that offers this unique opportunity.

Valuable information saves you money.

You get free information about who owns the rights to each song. If your songs are in the Public Domain, you don't need to license them. You save time, energy and money. Plus you get the information and flexibility you need to successfully plan and prepare your album release. This is one example of how we go the extra mile for you. Your success is always our top priority whether you hire us for your licensing or not.

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Copyright research by real licensing experts No Yes
Free research before or after you buy No Yes
Public song search Yes Yes