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CD Baby

the best independent music store on the web
CD Baby is based in Portland, Oregon (land of microbrews, overcast skies, and constant creativity). We're a company run by artists, for artists. Almost everyone here is a musician, writer, filmmaker, painter, dancer, tinkerer, or vegetable juggler! If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by, take a tour, and sing us a tune!


One-stop song registration and royalty reporting.
Songtrust is a music publishing administration service that registers your songs and collects global publishing royalties on your behalf. Use discount code "EasySongLicensing" to save 10% off the one-time sign up fee.

Disc Makers

We are the nation's leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer. Since 1946, we have offered superior products and services one customer at a time.


At Oasis, helping you achieve success as an independent artist, record label or business is very important to us. Whether you need 1 unit or 100,000 units, no CD or DVD manufacturing job is too small or too large — your satisfaction means everything.

Copycats Media

Media Made Simple
For almost a decade, COPYCATS has helped clients produce professional DVD & CD Duplication and Replication projects. Your single source solution, COPYCATS provides clients with a full suite of services, including CD/DVD Manufacturing, Short Run DVD & CD Duplication, Digital Download Cards, CD Mastering, Graphic Design & Prepress Services, Silk Screen & Offset On-disc Printing, Print & Packaging Solutions, Assembly, and Inventory & Fulfillment Services. Contact us today to learn more.

Symphonic Distribution

Spread Your Music.
Symphonic Distribution focuses on offering services tailored for independent record labels & artists, such as digital music distribution, promotion, mastering, sync licensing, publishing administration, design, web services and more. We focus on giving our clients a personalized approach to music distribution and more.

Get your music heard
ArtistPR is an affordable one stop solution for indie artists and record labels since 2005. The site was started to help independent musicians and labels with their online music promotion and expose their music to the world through radio and press and licensing opportunities. ArtistPR works with some of the most talented working journalists, published authors, and accredited public relations professionals.

JTV Digital

JTV Digital is a music company based in France. We help artists and labels to get their music to the top digital stores worldwide with the best pricing and 90% royalties pay-out. We provide state-of-the-art digital delivery solutions, personalized client support, artist services, expertise, marketing, promotion and all the tools to succeed in the new music industry environment.

Lanzadera Music

Lanza tu música al mundo.
Lanzadera Music Group is a Music and Video digital distributor, currently working with thousands of independent artists and labels in Spain and Latin America. Lanzadera delivers their music to over 40 digital channels worldwide, including iTunes, VEVO, Spotify, Deezer and many more.


You CAN learn how to read music.
This ingenious software takes the proven, time-tested study method of paper music note flash cards and launches it into the twenty-first century! The old paper music flash cards required shuffling and sorting. They required a helper to hold and change the cards. They got lost and damaged, leaving your deck, and your practice, incomplete. Noteable keeps what's good about paper music flash cards and adds much more!

SMP Press

Upload your sheet music in a minute and sell it to musicians worldwide.
SMP Press is a free digital self-publishing platform that allows you to submit PDFs of your original compositions or arrangements and sell them on Sheet Music Plus. Now with ArrangeMe from SMP Press, you can legally arrange over 1000 copyrighted songs and sell them exclusively on Sheet Music Plus.

Lead Vocals

A Resource for the Aspiring Vocalist
Lead Vocals is a free of charge resource for aspiring vocalists, who are learning the craft of singing and who practice their art by singing along to playback recordings and to other selected musical performances on video. All recordings are hand selected and the lyrics are spot on matching to the performance of the lead vocalist. The tool allows for quick access to practice specific parts within a song. We especially took care in avoiding clutter and disruptive advertising.

Blank Media Printing

Print More, Pay Less!
Blank Media Printing is the leader in custom printed CD, DVD, BD-R, and packaging. We ship almost every order the same day, with excellent rates across the USA, Canada, and Europe!

Adarga Entertainment Group

Advance your talent and creativity. ™
At Adarga Entertainment Group we provide the music business services of artist development, publishing, marketing, event production, and consulting to independent artists, and record labels. Founded in 2007, our team is based in Los Angeles & Washington D.C.

Buskerdoo LLC

Since 2002 Buskerdoo LLC has supplied small and large run CD & DVD replication and duplication services, packaging, printing, mailing, and assembly services. We not only offer a great product at a great price but we also provide top-notch customer service. We are the CD/DVD supply company to trust.

Emilio Morales

Music industry consulting, artist development, royalties consulting, licensing consulting and more..

Practical Worship

Sharing ideas, tips and practical advice for the everyday worship leader
Practical Worship is a blog and weekly series of YouTube videos designed to share ideas, tips, tricks, thoughts and practical advice regarding leading worship in the church—especially for smaller-sized churches.

Nashville Radio Promotions

Get your music to radio now.
Nashville Radio Promotions is your source for direct to radio song promotions. Get airplay for your country, bluegrass or gospel music today.

MixNauten - Global Music Distribution

MixNauten - Global Music Distribution is a leading music and video distribution company for musicians, producers and music labels in Europe.

Avora Now Limited

Free worldwide music distribution
Avora allows artists to easily distribute their music to most major digital stores for free. We offer up to 95% royalty share payouts and cater to all genres of music.

Easy Home Recording Blueprint

recording a great sounding record at home isn't rocket science
The Easy Home Recording Blueprint is a downloadable guide including audio and video, for aspiring recording artists. The Blueprint shows step by step how they can record and mix professional quality recordings at home, using an extremely simple and affordable home recording setup, There is a free home recording lesson membership as well as a paid membership, together totaling over 6000 members and growing.

Max Music

With more than 10 years of expertise in the music business and music production, we at provide a wide scope of opportunities such as music industry consulting, artist development, international music production and licensing for artists, labels and companies worldwide with the main focus of Middle East markets. Led by one of the most sought-after and celebrated composers, educators and music technology founders Dr. Mohammad Hadi Ayanbod (D.M.A. M.M. LL.B. B.Eng).


The independent musicians toolkit
Magroove helps independent musicians to monetize their work. We offer free distribution, free online store with custom merch and free marketing in our music recommendation app.

Too Lost

Be heard. Everywhere.
Worldwide music distribution for independent artists and labels.


Pro Musician Hub is the go-to place online if you're looking for the best tools, tips and resources to become a full-time professional musician.

Ministry of Musics

Music Distribution Company
We deliver music to hundreds of partners worldwide, from commercial to niche, including outlets for Ringtones. At Ministry of Musics you can find a list of all our partner shops that you can choose when releasing your bundle. Ministry of Musics delivers one of the most innovative, customizable and complete music distribution packages to musicians around the world. We supply hundreds of outlets around the world. Ministry of Musics has established relationships and partnerships with the top

Write the Vizion

Write the Vizion and make it plain so that others may run with it
We help people get their vision out into reality. Whether if it's graphics, a book, a song, etc. We help them manifest it into reality.


Distribute your music worldwide
Magnesound is a music record label that will help you distribute and expand your music worldwide through its digital distribution services. Your music will be available in all streaming platforms. We help independent artists to create a personal brand, showcase their music and monetize it. In addition, we offer a sync licenses program where we have more than 12k original songs available for creators and video producers.

Female Entrepreneur Musician

Don't just make music...make a living!
We help musicians confidently market themselves online so they can attract their 1,000 true fans and make money doing what they love. We are an educational and coaching platform for musicians. Some of our most popular offerings include our "Rock Your Next Release" course and our Female Musician Academy.

Women of Substance Music Podcast

The BEST Music by Female Artists In All Genres
#1 Award-Winning Podcast featuring music by Indie female musicians and female-fronted bands in all genres. We are the "go to" platform for female artists to be recognized for their talent.

The Management Agency, Inc.

Record labels don't develop artists. TMA does.
Since 2005 The Management Agency (TMA) has been providing the very best in artist management & development support, production and marketing for artists (both labeled and indie alike), ministries, and other faith-based businesses needing professional services so they can focus on what they do best.

Max Lee

We have different creators and bloggers under our management. We are looking to promote through website featuring first. A publisher that would be interested to promote would be The site's target audience is DIYers and makers with over 25000 unique monthly visitors. Easysonglicensing's solutions would be relevant for makers. We can do home page featuring to start, then dedicate reviews to follow. We’d need 2 things for the upcoming promotion (1) referral link

Castro Music Ltd

Digital music distribution and music publishing.
Castro Music Ltd is an independent digital marketing and distribution company based in London that enables artists and labels to release their music and manage their metadata globally.


Audilus = Audio + Illustration ™
License the music of award winning songwriters and composers for your next project. Music for Broadcast, Video Games, Trailers, Live Events, Film, Videos, Documentaries, VR, and more! We Create and License Timeless Compelling Soundtracks. We inspire entertainment and help you realize your vision with excellence. Representing the works of a global roster of award winning composers and songwriters, we are a boutique publishing and licensing company and deliver quality bespoke compositions.

SelfDistro Digital

SelfDistro Digital helps you sell your own music on Spotify, iTunes and all other big online stores and streaming services. Go where your fans are and make your music available for a worldwide audience!

Ideent Music Group

Music & Message
Somos un conglomerado de entretenimiento fundado en 2013 bajo el nombre de Juvenil Music Group, S.A. (J-Music Group, S.A.) y a partir del 2017 se convierte en Grupo Ideent! o mejor conocido como Ideent Internationa, Inc. Desde el 8 de abril de 2019, IDEENT ha expandido su negocio a la operación de medios digitales a través de su adquisición por Idea Entertainment y Medios Digitales, S.A.S.

Worship Tracks Live

Your Need Has Become Our Mission
Multitracks ONLY $2.99, FREE Player App, Video Tutorials, and Worship Leading Resources!

Helping Songwriters and Producers monetize
We are quickly becoming the definitive location on the web for helping Songwriters and Producers to protect and monetize their work. With our show and other partnerships, we are expecting lots of exposure over the next 12 months.