How is it possible for you to help me license any song?


Cover Song Licensing
Meant to foster creativity, the Compulsory Mechanical Licensing Law makes it possible for you to legally record your new version of any existing song, even without the copyright holder's express permission. If you ask a publisher directly, they can demand any fee or reject your request outright. But under Compulsory Law, they cannot reject the license. Even in cases where the copyright holder is highly protective of their work, this law allows small-timers to cover some very popular songs.

Custom Licensing
Compulsory law is restrictive and does not cover every use. When your project demands more than the compulsory law allows, Easy Song Licensing’s Custom Licensing services are the answer. We help you submit your request to the copyright holder. However, custom licensing is not guaranteed. The copyright holder has complete control, can set any price, take as much time as they want, and reject the request altogether.