Does my album track order matter for licensing purposes?


Cover Song Licensing
For cover song licensing, no, track order does not matter. However, you can edit the track order if you want. To set your track order:

1) Go to your projects. Click your profile pic top right, then "Your Projects".
2) Select "Cover song projects".
3) On "Your Projects" page, click the project you want to work with.
4) On the project page, click "Add or edit songs" (on the left on desktops, in the context menu top-right on mobile devices).
5) On "Add or edit songs" page, click and hold to drag and drop your songs in any order you want.
6) Click "Save track order" to save your changes.
7) Repeat steps 1 and 2 to return to your project and confirm the changes.

Custom Licensing
For Custom Licensing, yes, it is possible that your track order could matter. This is something to discuss with your Custom Licensing representative.