How do I credit the copyright holders?


Cover Song Licensing
After you have paid and the song status reads "Licensed", copy the complete text that you see below each song title exactly as it is listed on your project page, and paste it into your album artwork. Include the song title, composers, and publishers.

If no publisher is listed, we licensed the song either directly with the composer, or through the United States Copyright Office. In this situation, follow the instructions above regardless.

If you are not able to include credits because of design limitations, you can leave them out. They are not required by law. However, it's a good idea to include credits if you can, as a courtesy to the copyright holder.

Custom Licensing
For all custom licenses obtained through our Custom Licensing services, please follow the instructions for credits on the license documents you receive. By law, credits must exactly match the instructions from the license agreement. If there are no explicit instructions for crediting the copyright holder, we suggest following our instructions described above (the instructions for "Cover Song Licensing").