How are medleys handled? Do we have to get a license for each separate song part of the medley?


Cover Song Licensing
Yes. For medleys, each song part counts as a separate song, and requires separate royalties and our fee to process each part separately. Unfortunately, this is required by law.

When adding medleys, add each song part as a separate song and provide the length in minutes and seconds of that song part.

Note that medleys can be considered derivative works, which require special permission from the copyright holder. This depends on how the medley is constructed and varies case-by-case. If you have specific questions about how this applies to your medley, please contact us for details.

Custom Licensing
For custom licensing purposes, each song part of the medley counts as a song. In other words, if you have paid for Custom Handling services for up to five songs, this would cover only one medley with five song parts.