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Do I need a music license?
If you use music that other people created, no matter how you use it, you need to get a license. This is true even if you are giving away your project for free, or if it's for a non-profit. You do not need permission to use songs that you wrote yourself or songs that you know are in the Public Domain.
What is Public Domain?
If a song’s music and lyrics were published before 1925 the song is in the Public Domain and does not require licensing (permission from the copyright owner) for any use. However, even Public Domain songs need to be licensed if you are playing from a copyrighted sheet music arrangement. There is a lot of confusion over what is and is not in the Public Domain (free to use without permission). It is very important that you do the proper research to know - not guess - the Public Domain status of the song. Check out the Public Domain challenge below to see what we’re talking about. Did you score 100% on the first try? If not, consider getting help to determine the Public Domain status of your song. Not sure of the Public Domain status of your song? Let us do free copyright research for you. If the song is Public Domain, we will confirm this. If not, we will help you clear the permission you need.
What types of coupons and discounts do you offer?
Cover Song Licensing
We offer free research of your songs before or after you buy, volume discounts when you license multiple songs, half-price fees on exact reorders, and a 100% money back guarantee for Public Domain songs. From time to time, we offer coupons through email or through our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook for notifications and exclusive deals.

Custom Licensing
We do not currently offer discounts for Custom Licensing, although this is something we might add in the future.