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Can I rearrange the song with this license?
Cover Song Licensing
Yes. You can make your own arrangement. However you cannot change the lyrics or fundamental nature of the melody of the song. Also, permission to arrange is limited to your recording. This means you cannot release any sort of sheet music arrangement under this license.

Custom Licensing
If you want permission to change the lyrics, the fundamental melody, or the sheet music you need a Print license, which can only be obtained through direct negotiations with the copyright holder. We can help you make your request with our Custom Licensing services.
What do you do for me?
Cover Song Licensing
We help you legally release your new recording of a song that someone else wrote, quickly and easily in 1-2 business days. You can talk to a real person and we handle everything for you. We deliver Proof of Licensing to you via email, and each request is securely saved online so you can easily store and access all of your licensing for years to come.

Custom Licensing
When your project demands more than basic cover song licensing, Easy Song Licensing’s Custom Licensing services are the answer. Custom Assistance gets you everything you need to submit your requests to the copyright holders and clear the rights you need. Choose Custom Handling and we process the request for you. We can help you clear permission to use copyrighted music for any purpose. YouTube, film, print, web, tv, advertising, corporate, derivatives, grand rights and more. Clear sync licenses, grand rights, mechanical licenses, print rights, and master licenses.