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How much does it cost?
Cover Song Licensing
Licensing costs vary depending on how many copies you plan to distribute. That's because royalties are calculated based on number of copies. Click the link below for more information on pricing, or to estimate how much your licensing will cost. You can get an exact quote by submitting your songs to us for a free search.

Custom Licensing
The copyright holders maintain total control of their works. This means they can set any fee, take all the time they need, and reject the license outright. Depending on your use, the cost will typically range from $200 to thousands.
Song information changed after your experts researched the song. Now the wrong song is listed. What's up?
Cover Song Licensing
This usually happens when you provide an original artist different from the actual composer. It can also happen if the song has multiple copyrighted arrangements or if multiple songs go by the same title. If after we research, you are pretty sure the song does not match what you requested, please let us know and we'll get it corrected.

Custom Licensing
Incorrect song information should never happen with custom license requests since each request is thoroughly vetted and discussed with your custom licensing expert before any request is made. However, if you feel our research is not correct, this is something to discuss with your representative.
What if I cover a very obscure song?
Our experienced researchers will attempt to track down the current copyright holder for you. If we are unable to locate the current copyright holder, we can still file the license request with the Library of Congress, which covers you legally. If we are able to find any trace of the song, we won't be able to license it due to the limitations of the compulsory law. In this case, we will refund all royalties and fees paid for that song.
What is Public Domain?
If a song’s music and lyrics were published before 1925 the song is in the Public Domain and does not require licensing (permission from the copyright owner) for any use. However, even Public Domain songs need to be licensed if you are playing from a copyrighted sheet music arrangement. There is a lot of confusion over what is and is not in the Public Domain (free to use without permission). It is very important that you do the proper research to know - not guess - the Public Domain status of the song. Check out the Public Domain challenge below to see what we’re talking about. Did you score 100% on the first try? If not, consider getting help to determine the Public Domain status of your song. Not sure of the Public Domain status of your song? Let us do free copyright research for you. If the song is Public Domain, we will confirm this. If not, we will help you clear the permission you need.
What is the licensing process?
Cover Song Licensing
First, we ask you some questions about your project and about the songs you want to license. You can buy right away for the fastest delivery, or wait for us to research the copyright holders of the songs. You can pay online or over the phone with a credit card or PayPal. After we receive your payment, we follow the Compulsory Law to obtain your mechanical licenses for you. We deliver PDF Proof of Licensing in your email in 1-2 business days. This is what you keep on hand or give to your manufacturer as proof that you have done things legally.

Custom Licensing
We help you submit your request to the copyright holder in the most efficient way, using our years of knowledge, and our proprietary request form. However, the copyright holder can set any price, or reject the license outright. For this reason, custom licensing is not guaranteed.
What types of coupons and discounts do you offer?
Cover Song Licensing
We offer free research of your songs before or after you buy, volume discounts when you license multiple songs, half-price fees on exact reorders, and a 100% money back guarantee for Public Domain songs. From time to time, we offer coupons through email or through our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook for notifications and exclusive deals.

Custom Licensing
We do not currently offer discounts for Custom Licensing, although this is something we might add in the future.
Where do I find arranger, composer, and publisher information on sheet music? What if I am playing by ear?
If you are using sheet music...
You can find the song title, composer, arranger (if any), and publisher information on the first page of sheet music with music notes. The song title is at the top center. Composer and arranger information is smaller, positioned just below the title, aligned left and/or right. Publisher information is at the bottom center of the first page with music notes. Sometimes, people confuse distributor information with publisher information. Note that distributor information often appears on the cover of the sheet music (no music notes, the two major distributors are Alfred and Hal Leonard), while publisher information is always at the bottom center of the first page with music notes. We need to know the publisher, not the distributor. Follow the link below to see an example. If you have concerns, you can always leave the publisher information blank when submitting your songs. Our service includes a free copyright search to learn the current publisher or copyright owner, before or after you buy.

If you are playing by ear...
Usually, all we need to license your song is the song title and name of a well-known artist that recorded the song. We can use that to start our free copyright owner search. The search is free, before or after you buy. If you want, you can help us out by providing composer information as well. You can usually find composer information on Wikipedia. Try searching the song title followed by the word “song”. For example, a Wikipedia search for “Here Comes the Sun Song” tells us that George Harrison is the composer/writer. This information is helpful because it further confirms the exact song you want to use. If we are unable to find your song, we might ask your for publisher information or lyrics. You can often find publisher information by browsing the sheet music scans available at and You can find lyrics at several popular lyric sites, or by Googling. Any information you find is helpful. You can email this information to us, or post it to your project wall. If we are unable to find the song with the information you provide, we will ask if you have any other information that can help us locate the copyright owner, such as an address or phone number.