153 reviews
Jeff Dubay
September 17, 2020
Easy Song Licensing will search out and find anything you need! If they have any questions about your project, they'll reach out to you quickly. You'll always be working with real people that you can contact, directly. They are happy to use the online messaging within their site or talk to you over the phone. Their rates are very fair and they often run specials, as well. I only have great things to say about this company! They have been so helpful to me. Thanks!
Wal Cuppernell
September 16, 2020
I had limited interaction with them, but they answer the phone, are courteous, and have great customer service. Would recommend.
Laura Saggers
September 15, 2020
Aaron is the best. Great team. Very attentive. Love working with them =]
Michele Pavanello
September 13, 2020
Great site to legally obtain licenses for posting covers
Jamie O'brien
September 13, 2020
This is a great way to get songs licensed. Quick and easy, with great staff to help with information when you need it.
Edward Sebest
September 4, 2020
Awesome friendly folks, ready to help...!!!
Todd Lake
September 1, 2020
Excellent fast customer service!
Rob Carlyle
August 23, 2020
Special thanks to Cera for making it a quick, easy and actually pleasant experience to license songs with Easy Song Licensing!
Sophie Lippert
August 18, 2020
Every step of the way, I had a fantastic and positive experience with Easy Song Licensing. From the simplicity of uploading tracks and navigating the website, to the quick turnaround rates for all of my song submissions, to the incredible helpful customer service interactions. A huge shout-out in particular to Margaret M, who answered all my questions (and then some!) with clarity, enthusiasm, and promptness! In a sea of less-than-optimal customer service experiences, Margaret was a delightful breath of fresh air. Highly endorsed and recommended!
Jody Ingalls
August 13, 2020
So impressed with the individual and personalized help I received...a breath of fresh air! Easy Song Licensing answered every question I had and wrapped up my licensing process in less time than I thought possible. Couldn’t be more pleased!
Norha Patricia Plata Segura
August 5, 2020
Edwin Caryl
August 4, 2020
Easy Licensing is absolutely a reputable organization. Very efficient and trustworthy. I would strongly recommend them.
Austin Martin
July 29, 2020
Thank you for the amazing service!... There was an issue with one of the songs I wanted to licence and they emailed me right away and got it all taken care of in a timely matter. Fast, Friendly, and Helpful :)... I will be recommending you guys if I get a chance!
Mike Schneider
July 29, 2020
I've worked with another major licensing firm in the past and have generally been very disappointed in their customer service and fee structure. So very glad for the referral from my musician friend, Tom Brusky, to give Easy Song Licensing a try. I had a bunch of questions, and Cera replied quickly, professionally, and without the slightest hint of irritation :) I don't like paying fees in general, and ESL offers several ways to keep fees to a minimum, meaning I can create the music I want to create and not have to worry about renewing licenses year after year for songs that aren't getting downloaded a lot. In fact, one of their add-ons allows for fee-free license refills for life for the same project in the same format. I was glad to pay a little extra up front for that. Thank you, Easy Song Licensing, for making the licensing process as straightforward and painless as possible!
Selita Boyd
July 27, 2020
Helped to get my album project established; definitely recommend
Jordan Hepburn
July 20, 2020
ESL provided a professional, timely and high-quality service in securing the appropriate licences to release my debut instrumental 'cover' songs. I would highly recommend them.
Kay Kostopoulos San Francisco
June 23, 2020
Easy service. User friendly. My license was issued and I feel confident about the release.
Erin Schmura
June 21, 2020
ESL made obtaining the appropriate license super efficient and easy. We would highly recommend their services.
Daniel De Leon
June 14, 2020
Very user friendly; directions were very clear and their system easy to use. Quick and efficient.
Juan Rey
June 5, 2020
I like so much your services and I love to tell others that 'Easy Song Licensing' is SUPERB💯
Alex Sirotkin
May 8, 2020
I needed to license the lyrics from two songs for my novel The Long Desert Road. I met Tim Kosel of Easy Song Licensing, online. I didn't know him or the firm from Adam. But in my mind the initial up front fee was worth the risk (the bulk of the fee would be paid only upon success). During this awful corona virus pandemic, it took months for the licensing to come through; but I finally got the second one done today and mission accomplished. I cannot blame him or ESL for the timing on this - much more likely a result of the virus and general slowness of the music publishers. But this was a much better choice than floundering at it myself. I recommend their services without hesitation. AS
Jeremy Cullen
April 30, 2020
Tim from Easy Song Licensing was super helpful in dealing with my release - they eventually found out that the track was public domain which made it even easier! Hope to use them in the near future for cover song licensing
John Cormier
April 10, 2020
Answered all my questions quickly, and streamlined the licensing process
Sims Delaney-Potthoff
April 7, 2020
Wonderful folks and a service much needed by artistic types & musicians.
Dave Hill
April 1, 2020
Super easy to work with - it took maybe twenty minutes of work on my side and boom, the next Macon Bacon Album is licensed. I worked with Aaron, who was super responsive. I highly recommend!
Jonathan Peske
February 21, 2020
The name says it all! This was the easiest licensing process I've ever encountered on a project. Definitely will use again.
Carlos Rivera
February 13, 2020
Excellent service, fast and effective!!!
Rafael Schwemmer
January 30, 2020
Working with them was a pleasure. Very friendly, professional and competent.
Panal Reggae
January 24, 2020
su transparencia!!! y facilidad
Melissa Gebhart
January 14, 2020
Patrick was very helpful, very professional and gets the job well. We highly recommend Easy Song Licensing and Patrick. Thank you Sincerely Black Rose Reception
David K. Matthews Pinole
January 13, 2020
Easy, one stop shopping for licenses.. I had major problems just even finding out who the actual writers were and who had the publishing when dealing with the competition, not to mention that their website is crap... Yes, I imagine that they charge a fee for their work but it's worth it..
Vardan Ovsepian
January 12, 2020
Easy Song Licensing is absolutely amazing! Super professionals - working hard in making all happen the way you desire and beyond.
Howard Cole
January 12, 2020
Customer service was really helpful and quick with responses. I've had massive headaches from two of their competitors. Easy Song Licensing made it a lot easier and they will be getting my business in the future.
Joyce Elaine Yuille
December 16, 2019
I would definitely recommend ESL to anyone looking for professionalism and sensibility. It's not easy having to answer what I would imagine to be one hundred inquires a day. I received nothing but kindness and all doubts I had faded after everything was explained to me thoroughly. I've began my business with them this evening and things can't be any clearer.
Autee Tweedy
November 26, 2019
Vi Thomas
November 21, 2019
I'm soooo excited to be launching some of my songs in 2020! To help me get started I've just purchased a license from ESL...So far so good re their service, support and communication. Praying this will be a long term collaboration!! Thanks ESL!😊😊
Kimberly Mccormick
November 20, 2019
I highly recommend Easy Song Licensing. Aaron was AMAZING!!! He helped get something done so quickly and seamlessly that I would definitely come back for assistance again!!
Janis Danevics Riga
November 12, 2019
Perfect serviss and everything is so quickly..
Jessica Little
November 8, 2019
I came to Tim at the last minute and he worked very quickly to get our license. He saved my bacon for sure!!
Arlene Frank Williamsville
November 3, 2019
They were so helpful! I just released my first album and I don’t think I could have done it without them! There were issues with copyrights, publishing, YouTube rights and more. Even though I thought I had everything lined up. For one pre-set fee they sent off professionally written letters to all parties, researched the issues, followed through and then reported back to me. Everything was handled professionally on my behalf and immediately. It helped me to reach the finish line in time! I can not recommend them enough!
Gabriela Franco
October 31, 2019
The procedure for my personalized license was made by Patrick Stewart; he always kind, answered my concerns and did the work he had to do. A little delayed the process, but it is understood that those who must approve for example, as in my case, a change in the lyrics of a song, have to take their time to analyze the requests. I feel happy with Patrick's intervention, so diligent and cordial. I have felt him as a friend, ready to help! Thanks Easy Song Licensing!
Rhiannon Tree
October 18, 2019
Thank you easy song licensing especially Charisse who was there to answer all my questions!! thank you fingers crossed!!
Marili Machado
October 16, 2019
Very good tool for musicians
Anna Di Giorgio
October 7, 2019
I am very happy with the result of working with ESL.. They are very professional, helpful and always willing to ask questions and answer our thousand emails \ o / Thank you Gabby! Thank you all. Anna Di Giorgio
Brian Duckworth Poelfing - Brunn
October 3, 2019
If like me you are an Indie Artist then you know how difficult and costly it can be when you want to record and release a CD or an Album containing cover songs as you have obtain the permissions and mechanical rights which can be problematic. Not so with easy song Licensing its quick efficient and cost effective and takes all the hard running around out of your hands. I highly recommend their services and they can answer any questions that you may have worries about. Why not give yourselves a break and check out what they can do for you.🤠😃
Rachel Wilson Lost Creek
September 30, 2019
I heart these people. They are nice, insightful, fun to work with and straight up honest. I don’t say this lightly, these people serve so much more than a review on Google. They want you to succeed. Meaning it’s not about making money it’s not about making their clients happy to the best of their professional ability. I needed information and originally a CC, but come to find out it wasn’t going to be possible. The man I spoke to kindly let me know my rights, my options, and although my route was not doable, it was certainly insightful, and educational. I am a CEO and part of being a CEO is doing things right. These people pointed me in a honest, truthful direction and I appreciated that more than anything. In the future I will return to these people, I was that impressed. ———— Rachel Wilson (Artzenin Eklektos) Founder & CEO Anointed Works
Rachel Wilson
September 23, 2019
I would recommend them because they’re devoted hard working people who want to help you get what you want. Upfront honesty is what I like. They know what they’re talking about. That’s amazing, not just that they also work with the people you can’t normally access easily by yourself. They will inform you, direct you, and walk you through the process of your project that you create. Friendly, positive and overall just great people to work with.
Cun Linh
September 21, 2019
Ok I really like and very good
Keigo Killapanda
September 13, 2019
I was trying to get in touch with copyright-holder of some acapella for the use in my tune. I tried like 1,000 times to get in touch with them, but they are so inactive and couldn't make it. But These guys did. Really appreciated for the great job from Easy Song Licensing. I would definitely recommend, if you don't want worry about distribution of your releases =]
Joseph Perez
September 9, 2019
My first time doing a cover song and I'm glad CDBaby clued me into this service. When I read all that is required to properly release a cover song, I thought ah forget the whole thing. But I really wanted to release it because, well, the cover is for one of my old school days favorite forlorn love songs, and I "think", I did pretty well in migrating the original jazz / rnb format to an experimental / ambient / atmospheric jazz instrumental format. So, decided to give this service a chance and go at it. Do me up and the original artist right from the start. Thanks in advance.
Antti Makela
September 5, 2019
I was told that it is almost impossible or at least VERY hard to get a license to make a cover song in Finnish. Anyway, I decided to try and found a company named Easy Song Licensing. I ordered the service and always got very quick e-mail responses and friendly guidance during the process. Today I got information, that I will get the license that I asked for. So, who could ask for more? 5 stars and my highest recommendations! Antti Mäkelä Finland
Jennifer Bone
August 31, 2019
So easy to do things the right way to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Easy Song!
Michael Neuman
August 27, 2019
A couple of years ago a friend discovered an old reel-to-reel tape recording of our old rock band rehearsing back in 1969. We decided to preserve this memory by getting it converted to a CD format and sharing it with a few friends and family members. We found a company with the equipment to make this tech transfer, but then learned that all the cover songs on the tape would require a Mechanical License before the CD could be released. I was not sure to go about this process so I went online and searched for contact information for some of the bands we had covered back then. One of these was the Minneapolis based band Crow, which is still performing. I was pleasantly surprised when my email was answered by one of the band members, Larry Wiegand, who had written much of their work. He referred me to their promotion agency, who in turn recommended ESL. I was impressed by the user-friendly interface on the ESL site and the rapid response. I had the releases within 48 hours. When I had questions, they were promptly answered by a very helpful and friendly staff. I have also been making recordings of my own music for friends and family, along with covers of some of my favorite tunes. So I have continued to use ESL to keep it legal and reward the songwriters whose music I enjoy.
Susana De Giorgio
August 22, 2019
I´m working with Tim, to secure the rights to my cover songs, as to be legall! Great customer service! Thanks Easy Song Licensing!
Russ Ship Nashville
August 19, 2019
Easy Song Licensing was very helpful in answering all my questions and helping me to secure custom licensing. I worked with Aaron Green, and he was always very prompt and helpful to my emails.
Bujju Music Videos
August 17, 2019
Cheap and easy! Arrives in 1-2 business days, so I wouldn't have to cancel my song, after losing my old licenses. Instead of getting a new one, I am just going to keep using this!
Jessica Adams Hanover
July 26, 2019
I worked with Tim to secure the rights to cover a song for YouTube. Fantastic customer service! Thanks a lot, Easy Song Licensing!
Edward Morris
July 23, 2019
I had been working on a song for years without success. I needed permission to use some material from another copywritten song. Aaron Green, and Easy Song, worked with the Publisher (of the copywritten song) - and within a few days I had the Written Permission to move forward. I would highly recommend Easy Song Licensing. - Ed Morris
Janine Payne
June 28, 2019
Aaron Green at Easy Song Licensing is superb at his work. I needed several songs licensed, and a bit of research was required on particular song. Aaron stayed on my project, and was responsive to my every question with kindness, and was courteous, knowledgeable, and downright accountable for his work, and to me. I felt like I was his only client. Thank you Aaron. I will return again, and again. Janine
David Burger
June 21, 2019
Sasha Spielvogel's Labyrinth Dance Theater was doing a 4-performance run at Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York of Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye, as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Stonewall rebellion. Aaron Green of Easy Song Licensing took us through every step in acquiring the licenses for all of the songs we used in the show, He was supportive, considerate, extremely helpful and immediately responsive throughout the process. I would recommend Easy Song Licensing to anyone needing those services!
Lane Loman Columbus
May 29, 2019
Adam's Voice recommended Easy Song Licensing for my latest recording. The folks at Easy Song were prompt and thorough. I had my documentation and releases for my songs in less than 48 hours. Thankful to have this service available.
Kizmin Reeves
May 23, 2019
Ever since we began rescuing tigers, we have been trying to communicate what we do and why we do it in a short video. We finally put something together that showed a quick overview of tigers in bad places then a sequence of happy tigers running and playing in a Tigers in America rescue network sanctuary. BUT that part of the video absolutely demanded a joyous musical theme and The Finer Things by Steve Winwood was ideal. We looked and looked for another musical backdrop and almost despaired of finding something we could afford to license. Then my sister Robbin, the Nashville one, recommended Aaron Green of Easy Song Licensing and we thought OK, Let's try this. Aaron was the consummate professional and in a very short time we were able to navigate the web of rights involved and acquire what we need at a very reasonable price. Thank you Aaron, from us and all the Tigers!
Aaron Davis
May 9, 2019
There was initially an typo error with the license that I purchased, which consequently was printed in my album artwork. Customer service was A+ and helped resolve the problem. Humans make errors and this was the case, and I appreciate their willingness to work out a solution. The website was also so much easier to deal with than Harry Fox. I've released 9 records and would work with them again.
Kevo Gitz Fort Lauderdale
May 2, 2019
The process was easy and fast!
Francis Desroches
April 24, 2019
I used their services to get a license for a French translation of a Bob Dylan's song. I was unsure that it would work, but then really quickly and for an affordable price I was able to get the license I needed to distribute the song. Strongly recommended.
Anthony Janssen
April 15, 2019
These guys are fantastic and made a daunting task extremely easy. They went above and beyond to provide me professional guidance on where the song I was looking for rights to was originated, who to reach out to, what my options were, and provided numerous avenues for success. I will easily work with them in the future. Save yourself the time and work with them, they know more than you will be able to research and as song licensing is so important for your creative projects, it's not worth risking having the wrong information which could ultimately waste time. A+!
Loki H La
April 2, 2019
My first time using the services and it was seemless! They were so helpful also.
Blue Canoe Digital Henderson
March 11, 2019
An incredible team of people. Easy song licensing is the real deal. Totally legit in covering mechanical licenses and beyond. They will even do custom searches for you if necessary. Highly recommend - A+++
Audrey Molsky
March 1, 2019
Very responsive, and helpful!
Sheilah Cuffy Paris
February 21, 2019
Aaron Green! Aaron Green! Aaron Green! A life saver! There are not enough stars!!! I first contacted Aaron and Easy Song Licensing back in November 2017 and was very pleased with the results: Aaron managed to get approval for some song adaptations and licences for my project and I was very happy even then with the very friendly treatment, the patience, the everything. Then the project was on hold, but when I had some problems with finalising the licences over a year later, Aaron just jumped right back in as if not a day had passed and managed to sort out the problem. And the most amazing thing is that all this was done on an International level, USA to France, regardless of the hour of the day, or day of the week! I am extremely impressed by his hard work and his confidence. And when I was pulling out my hair and ready to jump ship, he was so encouraging and positive! AARON GREEN and EASY LICENSING - LIVE SAVERS!! I would repeat the experience in a heart beat! Merci from Paris, France!
Peter Coonradt
February 21, 2019
Tim Kosel was great to work with. Knowledgeable, easy going, quick to respond.
Wanderly Santos
February 16, 2019
I recommend easy song licensing for every artist who wants to give the good example and respect the copyright of other artists and composers, work in legality!
Kristin VandeVort Colino
February 13, 2019
Aaron Green is a wealth of information and provides quality customer service in determining the best avenue to take for Custom Licensing. He is fair with his cost estimates and very willing to patiently address each and every question or concern. I highly recommend Easy Song Licensing!
Diana Van Deusen Minneapolis
January 29, 2019
My group, Heartfelt, recorded our first CD this past summer and were completely lost about securing rights. I kept reading and reading on the web, and became more and more confused. Then I searched on You Tube, "How to secure music rights" and got a video of a pastor, who detailed his frustrations in trying to secure rights for music that appeared in a video he made of his church choir. His last line stuck with me, "I wish I would have started with Easy Song Licensing! It was so much easier and they have people to support you through the process." There is no way I could have gotten through the standard, and especially the custom, license process without them. A special thank you to Aaron Green, who gave me great advice on getting a custom license. I hope it works!
Diana Van Deusen
January 29, 2019
Many thanks to Aaron Green for walking me through the steps of getting a custom license! He was very helpful and revised my draft letter, making a "silk purse out of a sow's ear"! He showed personal enthusiasm for my song, which was so encouraging! It's so nice to get a real (nice) person on a phone when you have questions!
Geoffrey Turner
January 25, 2019
Easy to use website and incredibly quick response 5/5
Rivers of the Mind
January 22, 2019
They helped a lot when I needed to license a cover song for an audio drama, and had great customer service over email and over the phone.
Timothy Vilgiate
January 22, 2019
I needed to use a cover of a song in an audio drama and originally purchased the wrong license. They helped point me in the right direction, and were very helpful through the whole process!
Michael Farley
January 17, 2019
Not shore of there position in the market and don’t understand what they are offering as paid the amount required for 5 licences for covers was then given another company to deal with sounds like you just pay for information whitch I could have found on the internet my self so my finding it’s a waste of money search in line and on google you will find the information yourself and save paying out it’s just an information service only
Catherine Hammond
January 9, 2019
Patrick at Easy Song Licensing was fast, efficient, polite. A+ service!
EverLove MUSIC
January 8, 2019
Easy Song Licensing provided me with excellent customer service throughout my transaction. I made multiple, consecutive calls to them, and they demonstrated patience and professionalism during each. ESL staff handled me with care, and they were empathetic to my situation and time constraint challenges. I would highly recommend ESL to anyone and without hesitation.
Frank Ferraro
January 8, 2019
Professional, very pleased! I can't imagine working without them
Frank Ferraro
January 8, 2019
professional reasonable rates first class operation
Nalini Lasiewicz
December 3, 2018
Thank you for all your help over the phone. It's nice to get good old fashioned customer service. I'm a repeat customer and happy to have found you!
José Ruiz
November 29, 2018
I want to share my amazing experience with Aaron Green who took much time and care to answer my questions. Honestly, it positively surprised me, in as much as his honest, professional and complete advise suggested me to get in touch with another organization, because Aaron thought it more convenient in my case of my cover song project. This is amazing and a valuable example as to how to conduct business in today´s competitive global market: the customer is first, but this is not only a slogan in business like Easy Licensing. They will always have me as a customer as long as they have executives like Aaron. Thanks!
Michael Labriola
November 19, 2018
Aaron was super responsive and made what I thought would be a difficult process -- song license for a book I'm writing -- fast and easy (and affordable).
Carlos Rodriguez
October 16, 2018
Wanna Re-record a hit from the past or today? Easy Song Licensing will help you get the info you need and get it done quickly and legal!! Thanks ESL!
Jeanelle Brown
October 8, 2018
Efficient and professional
John Witherow
October 3, 2018
Tim Kosel successfully guided me through the process of obtaining permission to include a music lyric in my forthcoming novel. I had heard all around that it is tricky business dealing with the music publishing houses and hubs, and I benefitted greatly from Tim's professional expertise and guidance. This was a matter of great importance to me, and Easy Song Licensing has made me very happy!
Nate Arellano
September 7, 2018
Aaron was very professional, and responses were turned over quickly but kept in-depth towards any questions I had for licensing songs for a local show. Such a great service. Thanks a lot!
Scott Willis
September 5, 2018
I use Easy Song Licensing for my Scott Willis Piano covers, they are great to work with! It is really quick and easy!
Sylvia Inwood
September 5, 2018
Our completed recording has been on the shelf almost 4 years now due to lack of funds. So I've had plenty of time to worry about how difficult it would be to license 9 cover songs, many in foreign languages. ESL staff were very helpful and turnaround was just slightly over 24 hours! I'm impressed!
Yves De Keersmaeker
September 4, 2018
Great and easy licensing for singers
Joe Berry
August 4, 2018
These folks simplify song Licensing . We musicians have all had a favorite song we would like to record asking ourselves why didn't we think of that first for song writers. Well Easy song Licensing can make it possible for you to legally record your favorite song and release a cover song CD . They are quick, reasonable, and accurate.
William Band
August 3, 2018
My experience with these people has been terrific. My project is a small one yet they treated me as though I was their top account!
Jim Ziegler
July 16, 2018
Easy to use, and fair pricing, plus a volume discount. Thank you so much, I'm very impressed and pleased...I thought I was going to have to pay a lot more. Best wishes to all of you!
Dennis Smith
July 13, 2018
I am finishing work on a new CD and found Easy Song Licensing by searching the internet. Best decision I have made in a long time! They are easy to work with, incredibly responsive, affordable and FAST! This is the only agency I will work with from now on. 5 stars out of 5!
Matt Neal
June 12, 2018
These folks are incredible. They made my massive, stressful, hair pulling project a breeze. They are quick to respond, no surprises, its awesome.
DMC Sharno
May 31, 2018
Paul Williams
May 19, 2018
Quick and easy licensing! These folks are very helpful. They find your songs and get you set up as fast as you could hope for. I'll be back again when I do my next project!
Randy Kemp
May 19, 2018
Easy Song Licensing sure, but they helped me a lot more than just licensing songs. I had specific questions for them on a few issues related to licensing, including transcriptions and releasing a recording of a radio broadcast, and they were happy to answer my questions. I felt a very personal level of caring from them, and love what they are doing for artists. The staff is amazing, the website is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this company for your licensing needs!
Karen Wilkinson
May 1, 2018
I had the opportunity to work with Aaron Green on getting copyrights to a song I needed for a book I am currently writing. He was not only patient with me but very helpful in getting me what I needed. The company is very easy to work with and very helpful for me. He made my request so much easier and I can't thank them enough for all his hard work he put into my request. Like I said, I can't thank them enough for all their help.
Jay Siegal
April 28, 2018
Jovan Knight
April 13, 2018
First-time releasing an album and need to clear lyric sample. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing and Aaron did an absolute terrific job breaking down EVERYTHING I needed to be successful and taught me a ton in the process. I also had some follow-up questions and the other team members helped me out as well. Can't recommend this company enough!
Brandon Olszewski
March 28, 2018
The support staff who managed both of my projects were awesome. They made the process of licensing covers on my albums so easy - way easier than trying to dig up info through BMI, ASCAP, and the rest. I will definitely go with them again in the future!
Brandon Olszewski
March 21, 2018
So much better than hunting down all the info and licensing myself. This is the second time I've work with ESL, and I'll do it again!
Jan Goolsbey
March 6, 2018
Jim DeMonstoy Addison, New York
February 28, 2018
Thank you for helping with our project! I could not believe how fast your service was! You are the greatest and we are certainly excited to do more ventures with you! We are already talking about our next project! Thank you again!
Mattias Krantz
February 23, 2018
Scott Oatley
February 22, 2018
I came across Easy Song Licensing after being unable to secure a 100% license on Songfile... I must say that they truly lived up to their name. Tim was quick to respond to my questions about their licensing process and even their pricing beats out the competition. I'll definitely be returning to them in future and recommend them to anyone looking for help preparing their cover songs for release.
Vanessa Gnaegi
February 6, 2018
Patrick Moore
February 5, 2018
Aaron was super professional and quite thorough. He helped guide me to not only the best but the cheapest option for my group. Thank you Aaron!!!
Thomas Hutchings
January 20, 2018
My go to for song licensing because they are helpful and organized.
R. Scott Russell
January 15, 2018
Simple and easy...just like the name. I will be using them for the rest of my project...
Deanna Reuben
January 9, 2018
Aaron was absolutely amazing!! I had a first release, and had to go through the custom licensing process. He was able to reach out to the publishers, and I had my license for my new single in no time. In addition, he was so professional, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. It was reassuring to me that Aaron knew what he was doing, and was able to walk me through the whole process. Thank you so much, and I will always recommend you, and Easy Song Licensing.
Jerry Phillips
December 26, 2017
Easy, easy, easy, the name says it all. I highly recommend ESL for all your song licensing needs.
Marlon Douthit
December 22, 2017
Easy Song Liscensing lives up to their name. They make the process easy and painless!
Betty Neilson
December 19, 2017
I have been very pleased with the work Aaron did for me. Print licensing is a whole new ballgame to me and it was so nice to just hand it off to him. He is obviously a very patient and understanding guy to have the stamina to cut through the red tape!
Larry Bass
December 18, 2017
Easy to work with.
Nalu Kay
December 3, 2017
Jamaal A. Bivens
December 1, 2017
I never knew licensing cover songs could be SO easy. These guys are great. They are very professional and answer questions directly, not with some robotic auto-generated response. They work QUICKLY to get your songs covered; my proof of licensing for my songs was finished within 1-2 days. Fast! Tim Kosel was my best friend in my head with his knowledge and willingness to help. He was very professional and personable. Thank you Tim!
Brooks Teeples
November 26, 2017
Very easy process to enter your songs for licensing. They live up to their name in making the process smooth.
Jim Lorentz
November 16, 2017
I have used a different company in the past. They will charge you without telling you that you may not get 100% of the song licensing. esl was able to secure 100% of the songs I wanted before I pay for it. i will use esl from now on.
Daphne Jaffe
November 12, 2017
Fantastic service! Great customer service! Will use them for all of our licensing needs.
Sandy Westfall
November 10, 2017
Having never done anything like this before, I was anxious, but with just one call to ESL, I was relieved, confident and happy. Tim was wonderfully cordial and supportive while guiding me through the process. ESL did their magic, and I had everything I needed in just a couple of days. Thanks, Tim.
Ani Johnson
October 30, 2017
Tried to use their competitor to license three songs and couldn't get into the site using three different browsers. Used Easy Song Licensing and was able to clear three songs for download and streaming in one easy checkout. (It would have been six transactions with the competitor). Love, love, love!
Joseph Robinson
October 26, 2017
Richard Huntley
October 25, 2017
ESL is very easy to use and quick! They have a well designed website and it's extremely straightforward.
Cheryl Tallman
October 23, 2017
I had a great experience working with this EasySongLicensing! All of my upfront questions were answered by phone or email. Most of my license requests were straight forward and completed in a couple of days. A few of the cover songs required a custom license (sounds scary – but turned out not to be the case). The custom license process was explained to me in simple terms and the process was pain-free. It did take a few weeks. Every time I checkpointed on the status, I got an email update quickly. EasySongLicensing lives up to its name!
Megg Serrano
October 17, 2017
Always super easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable! So thankful for their services!
Judy Clark
October 12, 2017
Excellent customer service. A painless way to acquire mechanical licenses for your songs. I also needed an international license and they took care of it for me efficiently and professionally. They also maintain communication with you during the process because they assign your requests to a specific qualified person. I am recording CD #8 and the mechanical licensing process has never been so easy! Thank you, Aaron Green and Easy Song Licrnsing...the name fits.
Junior MC
October 5, 2017
Aaron really does exceptional work with a great attitude and personalize customer service!! Helped me from day one with my very special projects!! If you need to get licensing for any new song project i highly recommend that you check them out!5 stars all the way!!
Chris Taylor
September 28, 2017
Jimmy Maxwell
September 21, 2017
Great service - Easy To Use website! Can't be beat!!
John Ellis
September 19, 2017
These guys are amazing very fast and correct it doesnt get any better than that.
Janny Haalboom
September 7, 2017
I am using Easy Song Licensing for a while already, and I have always been very satisfied about their services.
Allan Jaworski
September 5, 2017
Just starting solo and it means Im looking for friendly and reliable. Got it.
Philip Butler
August 24, 2017
Easy to use, great service, and fast communication when needed. 5/5
Guo Li
August 23, 2017
Review from Australia and Singapore: Aaron is a very positive person himself, and has been extremely helpful. We contacted him for a global project and he shared with us his contacts in the 4 biggest music publishers! We are still finger crossed for the good result, but his assistance along the way has been a great help. Everyone knows how complicated music licensing can be and how expensive a lawyer can be, but easy song licensing is the game changer. they are helping SMEs and eventually, I believe will benefit the whole music industry. Just FYI, I do think the complicity of music licensing has stopped people in the western countries have more entertainment options. Innovative activities are not supported by this structure which is a sad thing. Afterall music makes people happy while laws most of the time depress people. We need more companies like ESL to make sophisticated things simpler not the other way around. Just my thought. ALL in all thanks to EASY SONG LICENSING. GOOD JOB!
Ryan Keberle
August 14, 2017
Professional, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and super insightful work. I highly recommend Easy Song Licensing!
Brian Dunbar
August 7, 2017
Outstanding service. Fast and affordable! Easy to work with.
Smooth Bryan Bassett
July 28, 2017
Very quick turn around for getting my new cd cover songs licensed and the digital downloads ready to go as well! Thank you!
Troy Blair
July 24, 2017
They took the hassle out of finding all the publishing companies and Authors so we can create a legal gospel CD. I couldn't see putting out a gospel CD while stealing the royalties from the song writers. They made it easy.
Chuck Stewart
July 19, 2017
Super fast and super professional service!!! I called to get clarification and it was handled in seconds!
Sherrie Bennett
July 17, 2017
One day turn-around for licensing a full album with Easy Song Licensing, and I'm sure that was only because I sent the information in on a Sunday! Very reasonable pricing and great customer service too! Thank you again! I'll definitely be giving your name to our recording studio!
Diana Gameros
July 17, 2017
Wow. These guys are amazing. What planet did they come from? I NEVER experienced customer service as good and as genuinely attentive/friendly as this! Just wow. Thrilled to be working with them.
Dennis Mitchell
July 13, 2017
I just wanted to give a quick review on my experience working with ESL. I was put in charge of producing a music CD and have absolutely no experience in doing so (last time I ever miss a meeting where assignments are handed out!). The issues at hand were two-fold. First, I needed a simple mechanical license for 5 songs. Second, I had to acquire permission to revise the lyrics of one song. I was able to go on the ESL website and easily follow their instructions for the mechanical license. I did have a question or two and simply clicked on a button to send an email to Tim Kosel. He responded very quickly and that aspect wrapped up nicely. Then I clicked on a button for a more custom service and was put in contact with Aaron Green. Being a novice, I opted for their higher end guidance package and he was able to secure permission from the song publishers to revise the lyrics and eliminate the learning curve for me - a great value, by my estimation! I was leery of using a website to accomplish this task, as I knew I'd have questions. What a pleasant surprise to find that Tim and Aaron were always only an email or phone call away, with prompt responses each time. As one who still goes into the bank because I prefer seeing a teller instead of using the ATM, I can assure you the ESL website is user friendly. Gladly, this portion of the project is complete. Should you miss a meeting and get assigned a similar task, ESL, Tim and Aaron will make your life easy. So in re-reading this review, maybe it's not as 'quick' as I promised. Then again, one can't capture in a sentence or two, the kind of service I received. Warmest Regards, Dennis Mitchell
Carole Bufford
July 12, 2017
This service couldn't be easier or more user friendly. Or fast!! I will certainly be using your services again. Thank you!
Dallas JP
July 10, 2017
Wonderful assistance, specifically for schools and competitive show choirs!
Karen Anderson
June 29, 2017
I am using ESL for Custom Assistance in obtaining sync licenses for exercise videos on my website, Worship Exercise. I'm working with Aaron Green and he has been awesome at getting me the information I need quickly. Also any questions that I email him are usually answered the same day. Aaron has really taken a lot of stress off of me by tracking down the songwriter/publisher info and telling me how to get the best results. Thanks Aaron! You guys are great!
Mike Smith
June 7, 2017
A great experience. I couldn't believe I just called them and immediately got a friendly, knowledgeable person who cheerfully explained everything they do. The service is exhaustive and all my questions have been answered promptly. Highly recommended!
Judy Clark
May 24, 2017
Excellent customer service. A painless way to acquire mechanical licenses for your songs. I also needed an international license and they took care of it for me efficiently and professionally. They also maintain communication with you during the process because they assign your requests to a specific qualified person. I am recording CD #7 and the mechanical licensing process has never been so easy! Thank you, Aaron Green and Easy Song Licensing...the name fits.
Diane Damico
May 11, 2017
Stellar customer service! Easy Song Licensing truly lives up to their name and reputation!
Eddie Coleman
May 8, 2017
Well done to ESL and Aaron Green for helping me source theatrical rights for Oh!Carol in the UK. Thanks to Aaron's help and expertise, we've been given the rights for our comic drama, Oh, Carol! which is being performed by an amateur theatre company at the Brentwood Theatre in the UK later this month. Well done guys! Eddie (Playwright)
Rene Veldman
April 17, 2017
Good not expensive fast service if you do not want to have any issues with copyright claims.
Alfredo Dias Gomes
April 17, 2017
Before I knew Easy Song Licensing, I would never have imagined that I could record songs from my idols like Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Billy Cobham ... And I would like to highlight the professionalism and efficiency of the team, very fast and attentive! I'm 100% satisfied!
Gwendolyn McClure
March 31, 2017
I really enjoyed working with Patrick and the team at Easy Song Licensing. They made it very easy and smooth for me in my second album project!
Ron Wood
March 23, 2017
My experience working with Easy Song Licensing was fantastic. I volunteered to put together a compilation for the music program at my daughter's high school, and I didn't really know anything about mechanical licenses. As a result, I made some mistakes. But one of ESL's experts, Tim, stepped in and guided me through the process. Quick and friendly service. Tim really went the extra mile for us. Thanks!
Glenn Christianson
March 22, 2017
I don't know when I've been more pleased with a company than I am with ESL! I've been a music producer for 40 years, and each time I got involved in the mechanical licensing on a project it was somewhere between having a headache and having a tooth extracted! I found ESL on a Google search. I signed up my company and a current project. When I got the welcome letter from ESL (Tim was my rep), I wrote back with 2-3 questions. I never expected an answer, since websites are famous for no communication. I couldn't believe it. . .I heard back from Tim in less than an hour, and 2-3 emails had my questions answered. Their price is great, service is wonderful (they found all the copyright information I couldn't find), and time of completion is unbelieveable. I had the entire mechanical licenses done and PDFs in my email box in less than a day! I've already recommended ESL to a number of my associates in the industry, and Tim & ESL are my "go to" people in the future. Thanks for a great job!!
Gary Erickson
March 17, 2017
They were really good. I called them on a Monday and had the licensing by Wednesday. I did most of it over the phone because I'm not to good on the computer. The songs we used we mostly from the 20's and 30's, we are a jug band and they were able to do it fast. I was able to call the company that did the CD and 2 week later we had our CD. I highly recommend them and we hope to do another next year and will use them again.
Adam Pollock
March 2, 2017
I had a great experience with ESL, great personal interaction and no nonsense paperwork.
Noah Gilfillan
February 28, 2017
Timely and thorough assistance, what else is there to say!
Jennifer Zobelein
February 23, 2017
Working with Easy Song Licensing was truly EASY! My husband was preparing two new CDs for release and needed to pay for mechanical licensing on 23 different songs. The website is certainly user-friendly and we were able to complete the task very quickly. We even changed the name of the license holder to our company LLC after we finished the process - thanks to Licensing Expert Tim Kosel whom we contacted by phone. We received the licenses in just one day!
Tom Calarco
January 31, 2017
I just found Easy Song Licensing. I'm in the early stages of my project but they have been so cordial, helpful, and responsive to any questions I have. It's a stark contrast with other such licensing businesses.
Geneva Renee
January 31, 2017
I really like the ESL's search team... They offer a free search for the publisher info for any song you specifically want to include in your project, and since I am currently in the infant stages of my project, I'm not ready to spend any money. That free search feature is a godsend! Even better, while they promise to email you their search results within 1 to 2 business days, I actually received mine in less than 2 hours! Yes - hours!!! Their customer service was excellent. I had some nuanced questions that I simply emailed, and received an answer (from a real person) within hours, not days... Thank you ESL for all your help thus far. I'll be back.
Darol Anger
January 27, 2017
This is definitely a huge improvement in the self-propelled song licensing maze. Only took 10 minutes to license 2 covers, no glitches, and they can do the search if you're still unclear on the publishing attributions. Nice.
Colleen Clair Perdok
January 26, 2017
We are so appreciative of the fast and efficient services from Easy Song Licensing. We needed permission to use a nationally recognized song from a major Disney movie, and E.S.L secured permission in less than a week! This was the first time we sought out licensing help and the E.S.L. crew made the process simple and easy. Thanks!
Juan Lords
January 26, 2017
Excellent service really friendly guys that help you and make it easy to license a cover song, always coming to them for my cover songs, will recommend to everyone.
Elisa Hale
December 22, 2016
ok - I'm in LOVE with this company ! --- 2 years I made them nutZ right before Xmas putting out a Christmas single for our artist, just a few days before ...and ... viola! - they worked their magic and got us licensed just in the "Nick" of time ! -- really can do nothing but highly recommend Easy Song Licensing AND --- they actually will TALK TO YOU ON THE PHONE !! -- amazing these days !!! (you can see for yourself - youtube "Nina Tolins- The Christmas Song" -- 4 days from recording to dropped ! - thanks so much ESL ! )
Mike C. Andress
December 10, 2016
Easiest way I know to get all your legal stuff in order!!! Now all I have to do is record cool Music. Win, Win.
Ryan Spitzel
December 7, 2016
Simply put, I had a very confusing situation on my end as far as song licensing goes. I had no idea what to do so I found these guys and contacted them. Within about a 2 hour period the entire situation that I did not understand was cleared up and I even made a great contact out of it that I can come to for questions any time! The Easy Song Licensing team has some of the best customer support I have ever dealt with!
Mark Brereton
December 2, 2016
Wow! Tim Kosel was a great help and made it easy! If you need licensing for a cover song, I highly recommend Easy Song Licensing!
Ra-ey Saleh
November 23, 2016
I just didn't have experience with Music Licensing, and this team sorted everything out in a day. Great experience and worth the money, as I now have the confidence to know we are fully licensed.
Larry Hammond
November 22, 2016
This was my second experience with the folks at "Easy Song Licensing" and since it was going to be a challenge - getting a "synchronization" license or at least permission, I was NOT looking forward to it. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience and I feel I have found some new friends as well. That is a rare thing these days and not to be taken lightly! SO a hearty "Thank You" to Aaron and the staff! (just a warning guys, the NEXT one probably will put you to the test" :-) I'm sure you can handle it!
Dave Scott
November 11, 2016
I searched for weeks to find a website that could license cover tunes for a cd I am working on. a friend recommended Easy Song Licensing. I contacted them and within 2 days I had everything I needed to legally to go ahead with my project. the service was outstanding and they were so easy to work with. thank you Tim at Easy Song Licensing.
Jessica Hall
November 7, 2016
These people are THE. BEST. They have made this whole licensing process so easy! I highly recommend them!!
Keith Weber
November 6, 2016
Like the name..it was Easy quick and efficient. I would use them again.
Harland Allen
November 3, 2016
If you have a project using cover songs, this is a great service for licensing those cover songs. They are excellent about returning emails promptly and all of their customer service is quick and friendly. The first CD our duo "Aces & Eights" classic country music produced had 11 cover songs on it. Easy Song Licensing obtained our mechanical licenses in a couple of days which allowed us to move forward quickly with our CD project. We are working on our second CD and look forward to working with ESL again.
Jason Sytsma
October 31, 2016
Absolutely amazing service! Aaron was incredibly helpful with his very quick email responses, and was very insightful answering my (many) questions about what licenses I would need for my arrangement of "The Little Drummer Boy". On top of all that, I recieved my mechanical licenses the very next day! Definitely recommend using them if you need to clear a cover song!
Nichelle Colvin
October 27, 2016
This will be my first time using your service. But So far so good, for the Christmas album.
Sue Jensen
October 12, 2016
My first time putting together a compilation CD. These folks explained what I need clearly, did the research quickly, and got me the licenses in 1 day. Website is super easy to use. I recommend them highly.
Jake Pratte
October 8, 2016
Aaron Green of ESL was absolutely amazing in helping me learn about licensing in all its facets for my upcoming debut album release. He personally helped me through the process of making my album legally sound with a very friendly flair. He went above and beyond, spent as much time with me over the phone as needed and made me feel very special. I HIGHLY recommend using ESL over Harry Fox for licensing. Aaron and the team he works with are awesome and they really care!Thanks guys! I appreciate you :) Smile - Jacqueline (Jake) Pratte - "Girl Named Jake"
Diane Anderson
October 5, 2016
ESL rocks. Tim, our assigned rep, helped us through the hurdles.
Jerome Clay
September 29, 2016
Arron Green, Custom Licensing Expert is the best. He knows exactly how to get the job done.
Juan Luis Anglero
September 27, 2016
Wowww. Thanks God for the Easy Song Licensing team. I never thought i could ever find this excellent service online. I try by myself and i fail. These are really something. Very professional and excellent service 1000% recomended.
Mike Roi
September 26, 2016
Fantastic site that makes it so easy to license a song. Great Support staff as well!- highly recommend!
Andy Nelson
September 16, 2016
Richard Crishock
September 16, 2016
Licensing our song was fast and painless. Thanks, ESL!
Tom Salvatori
September 15, 2016
Pleased to have this opportunity to write in and say that your ESL platform and your services simplify what used to be a complicated process! Your service truly provides one of the best user experience in the music industry - your efforts to make the cover song licensing process easy and worry free are appreciated. I like the personal touch and having a guide to oversee the process and someone watching my back, so THANKS - especially to Patrick Stewart and his team :)
Damian Catera
September 14, 2016
This is a great service! They are responsive, thorough and effective!!
Mark Renwick
September 13, 2016
These folks are great to work with. Very responsive. And when needed, you can get a real person on the phone! Keep up the good work!
Ek Bruhn
September 9, 2016
I am thankful and amazed that after 40 years of recording I can finally do licensing without paying a manager, publisher, or record company. Took a few minutes and I am legal to record and sell songs and feel good that the writers are getting their royalties. Thank you for a great service.
Kerry Wallace
September 7, 2016
I've used several other services for licensing before, and these guys are by far the easiest, quickest, and so helpful! They answered my questions about which type of license, and were really helpful in finding authors on some obscure stuff that I couldn't find thru the PRO's!
William Jirsa
September 1, 2016
Easy Song Licensing is a jewel in a pile of rocks. Customer service? When you call you get a real person. Imagine that! This was my first CD and they answered all of my dumb questions with patience and humor. What a relief. Thanks Easy Song Licensing for being there.
Douglas Klinger
August 23, 2016
Thank you for this experience. This was my first time remaking a cover, and Easy Song Licensing made it very easy. They were very quick with the turn around and response, plus very affordable. Job well done!!
Kevin Stittsworth
August 17, 2016
Wow! The Easy Song Licensing team is the best of the best and sets the bar for all businesses - in the music industry and outside it - to attain in regards to customer service, expertise and efficiency. My experience working with them is nothing short of EPIC! The process is simple and quick from start to finish. It took just a few minutes to create an online profile and submit songs for review. The online forms are so simple, straightforward and user friendly that a monkey could fill it out and be successful! After I submitted my info, I immediately called ESL with questions and was instantly greeted by Tim, who is very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. We chatted for a few minutes, and before I hung up, I had received an email from the Support Team with my search results! ESL puts Jimmy John's' "freaky fast delivery" to shame. I like to work with winners, and in my book, there's no other team who compares to ESL. Thanks, Tim and company for helping me be successful!
Cornelio Guevara
August 16, 2016
Great site to get a mechanical license and find those hard to reach music producers to get clearance on popular cover songs.
Daffodil Hermosa Harper
August 10, 2016
THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING. Excellent customer service, fast and reliable!
Ann Moss
July 18, 2016
I thought I had hit a major roadblock when I couldn't find any information on how to secure a mechanical license for one of the cover songs on my project. It turns out it wasn't available for purchase through HFA, even though it had a Songfile listing, and despite my best efforts I couldn't find anything online about where to turn next. Then I found this site, and less than 24 hours later I have my mechanical license! Amazing! I went from worried to relieved (and from illegal to legit!) in under a day. Customer service is very impressive - I got a friendly phone message as well as emails that let me know how each step of the process was progressing. I highly recommend this service!
Jeanine Renne
July 17, 2016
This was my first experience with licensing and it was smooth as silk. They found the titles in less than a day, held onto the project for months as we did our Kickstarter and recorded the songs, and customer service responded right away to requests. Easy peasy.
Amy Gallatin
July 6, 2016
This process was easy and seamless with immediately responsive customer service. This is our 10th album so I've seen the gamut, starting in the days when you had to write a LETTER to Harry Fox, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I had no problems with the other defunct entity, but these guys have raised the bar. I got my licenses in 2 days and they communicated with me after every step.
Danny Ross
June 30, 2016
Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with. Unlike other services, Easy Song Licensing is incredibly accessible by phone, and is able to answer the complicated questions regarding mechanical licensing. Couldn't be more pleased!
Mike McAdoo
June 21, 2016
Easy Song Licensing was very helpful. They basically did all the work for me. I'll be using you guys again in the future! Thanks so much!
Kyle Christensen
June 15, 2016
You make it easy and affordable to be legal. Everyone should do it!
Amir Tal
June 10, 2016
Great folks to work with. Very good communicators. Highly recommended!
Yuval Ron
June 8, 2016
Real easy, quick and friendly service - highly recommended!
David Romtvedt
June 8, 2016
Really easy to work with--very helpful on the telephone. Thanks.
Ken Carlisle
April 1, 2016
Thank god for you I have been trying for two weeks with no success to license this song. With your site I was able to do it in 10 minutes. You guys rule. Normally I use your competitor, but this was not available with them. The publisher could not help me and another site was not helping either. With you guys it was fast and easy. I would defiantly recommend your service and use it again for future projects.
LT Turner Jr.
March 17, 2016
I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your voice mail today. I am really impressed with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm from you and your team. Even my conversation over the phone last week (not sure if it was you or not) was wonderful. You guys really take the "not so fun" things in music and really make it easy.
Sam Bentley
March 14, 2016
Easy Song Licensing is a pleasure to work with. Just tell them about your project and they take the ball, run with it and complete it in far less time than you might expect. With ESL, the licensing process is one part of your project you will have no worries about.
Dan Karger
March 8, 2016
Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with Easy Song Licensing. You have made something that used to be hard to near impossible to do, especially for quantities under 500, into something that is a breeze. We do at least three recordings a year and it has been a pleasure to work with you.
Joseph Lorenzo Wise
March 4, 2016
The "BEST" customer service! These guys got my licenses done in a professional and courteous manner. They were there for me! I ended up licensing my complete CD with them because they were available via chat, email and phone! They put me at ease and answered all my questions and even reviewed my licenses and made an adjustment after the transaction was completed! They live up to their name!
Stephanie Trick
March 3, 2016
We had a great experience working with ESL. They answered all of our questions and were very prompt at responding to our calls or emails. Looking forward to working with them on other licensing projects. They're the best!
BJ Kocen
March 3, 2016
Loved talking to these guys and they truly could not have made it easier for me! Thanks for making this part of my project a breeze~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Morgan Tindall
February 24, 2016
I am completely sold on Easy Song Licensing!!! From the first moment when they answered my call, I knew they were going to be a great company to work with. They are very knowledgeable and courteous. IN NO WAY, have they ever made me feel dumb for asking questions that I should have known the answers to. They make the entire licensing process easy and have found the full rights to every song I've thrown at them. I plan to work with them on all of my licensing projects in the future. Way to go Easy Song Licensing! P.s. Great customer service! Aaron did a great job explaining the process to me! I just really love the fact that when I call, they answer; even if they were busy and I couldn't get through (which hasn't happened yet), I have full confidence they would get right back to me. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!!!!
Van Roland
February 23, 2016
Great service and totally professional. Thank you for all your help.
Adrienne Grayce
February 10, 2016
I love this site. It is so convenient, and worth every penny. Very affordable. I do a lot of covers and it is such an easy process.
Dan Gannon
February 10, 2016
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I sincerely appreciate the lightning fast turnaround to license my project - way exceeded my expectations on something I never thought would be easy, especially on a rare, somewhat obscure song. The rates are very reasonable. I'll certainly use your organization again.
Rob Slater
November 20, 2015
I've done biz with Easy Song Licensing on two projects. It's difficult to find this level of cordial, competent service anywhere. Couldn't be more pleased. My rep responded quickly and clearly every time, making me feel that I was being taken care of by someone who knew me. A very good experience!
Timothy Mudbone-Tucker
October 20, 2015
Excellent, informative and friendly service. Highly recommended.
Sal Salaz
October 13, 2015
Thank you for your prompt, professional, and expert work in processing my request for a mechanical song license to produce my Latin Jazz CD "Capture the Moment.". I appreciate it. I'm glad I chose" Easy Song Licensing" to obtain my license because I was able to talk with a live person about obtaining a song license. They answered all of my questions to my full satisfaction, and also made several important recommendations to make my CD a complete success. It's a pleasure to work with a team of experts such as you.
Hayden Gordon-Brander
October 13, 2015
You guys really made this easy and what was looking like an insurmountable hurdle basically just disappeared! Appreciate what you guys are doing and how you go about doing it.
John Suveizdis
September 1, 2015
Use this service if you need a Mechanical license for your songs! The professional help you will receive is outstanding, Thank you Aaron and Patrick for your personal assistance, You made the process extremely easy.
Ethan Airhart
June 10, 2015
Thanks for your help. This is the first time I use this website. It was very easy and I like the option of waiting until the songs clear to make a payment. I will be using it again soon.
Elvira Kalnik
June 10, 2015
It was my first time to license a song, and I'm very happy I've done it with ESL. First of all, there are real people to answer the phone and patiently answer all the question, great email communication and fast response. I was amazed with the speed of the licensing process and a quality of the service. Great team of awesome professional people! Thank you so much!
Bram Morrison
June 9, 2015
I just want to let you know that, having had conversations with both you and Tim, I am impressed and comforted by you accessibility and congeniality.
Erin Friedman
June 5, 2015
They live up to their name - easy, peasy. And helpful when I had a question.
Ysabel Gagnon Quebec, Canada
May 27, 2015
Thx Aaron, for a very quick resolution to this song licensing craziness! I would not hesitate referring your company! I was able to move forward in buying the license because I also eventually found the answers I was looking for on your very well detailed website. Awaiting the license!
Steve W Simmons
May 19, 2015
I have used a different company in the past for licensing cover songs and have just tried Easy Song Licensing for the first time. I can't recommend these guys highly enough! The process was quick and easy and there are real people to move things right along. If any of my musician friends ever need a mechanical license, these are the people to talk to. Tell 'em Westside Steve Simmons sent you!
Ken Johnson
May 5, 2015
I am a new customer and I couldn't be happier. I make a CD every year with my choir, and it was exquisitely easy to clear the rights for the cover songs on the album. The customer service is fantastic. I started a project just to price it out, and they called me (a real person called me!) just to see if I had any questions. So impressive!
Ken Johnson
May 5, 2015
HOLY COW, DUDE!!! You did it! Thank you so much for figuring that out. I'm consistently surprised by the amazing level of customer service provided by small companies like yours. This has been great, and I will clear the rights of every CD I make with you. It was ridiculously easy, and your follow-through was staggeringly impressive. You guys are so good it almost creeps me out… Thank you for all you do.
Gregory Mckelvie
May 1, 2015
U are the best, U are now my new go to for any licensing I will need. U are fast and great to work with. U answered all my questions and resolved my issue that was my mistake. Good catch and thank u for resolving it for me. May I ask is there anywhere I can write a review for the professional service and hospitality u and your company shows. I am very humbled to u my friend. Ty
Carlos Mojica
April 29, 2015
Thank you guys for your honesty and professionalism!
Joshua Krogh
April 28, 2015
Quick note to say thanks for your fast service. When i was with your competitor it took them weeks for what you guys did in one day! To all involved, once again, thank you.
Sparky Simmons
April 9, 2015
First time with you guys, and I will definitely be coming back, great experience, Thank You!
Donovan Marcelle
April 2, 2015
WOW!!!!! Talk about fast!!! You guys are the best and I will be recommending you to everyone I can and I will be using you guys from now on! Thank you so much again!!
Stanley Whitaker
April 2, 2015
I can't say enough great things about you guys! Customer service was extra helpful. I've always had to use your competitor as they were pretty much "the only game in town" for mechanical licensing. I'm happy to help spread your word as everything about your company absolutely blows away the competition! Especially going the extra mile to get 100% percentage of certain songs (and in two days!). So, much appreciation for what you guys are doing and kudos to my friends at DiscMakers for turning me on to you! Thanks for having the integrity to back up what your website says and then some! Stanley Whitaker (a very happy new client!)
Chris Wilson
March 13, 2015
Wow. Our results are already back and the personal attention you gave me was truly amazing. THANK YOU!!! Your service is absolutely top notch.
Gerald Beulah
March 10, 2015
Alright Aaron. If you're fishing for a testimonial, you just might get it! I've dealt with your competitor for years and I appreciate your promptness. I hope the great customer service continues as you expand.
Andrea Carter
March 10, 2015
I am SO impressed with how fast and easy this was to obtain licensing for my upcoming CD. THANK YOU!!!
Amy Banks
March 9, 2015
I've secured licenses in the past from your competitors. When I searched these songs there, there were a few glitches in getting all permissions. Feeling great that you think these songs will be easy to license. Between the personal touch and ease.... your competition will be a distant memory in no time.
Sharyn Poston
March 4, 2015
It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been so patient with our first stab at this. You made it very easy for us to learn the process.
Ned Hearn
February 20, 2015
This is just the second time I have worked with you and have been very satisfied and will be pleased to send my clients in your direction.
Rob Davis
February 19, 2015
Easily the best act in song licensing land!
Steve Clarke Minneapolis, Minnesota
January 30, 2015
Thank you for your help today. I got to have an interactive moment with a real human being! I called the number and Aaron answered! No circular phone tree. No obtuse bad 80's website. Aaron made the process easy. If you need to license a tune (like Louis & Clarke did for our upcoming release). Call these guys. They are a pleasure to work with!!!! I am a fan of Easy Song Licensing - these guys are local, personable and very very helpful. Unlike Harry Fox Agency, these people actually answer the phone!!! Aaron made it an ease of a breeze. If you need to license a song. Do it locally!
Sarah Timm
January 28, 2015
Thanks for being on top of it... and for being on top of it more than me. Again, you guys are great and I can't wait to tell people who I used for licensing and YOU BETTER rise to the top and take all the Limelight clients! :)
Rosetta Miller LaGrange, Indiana
January 5, 2015
Thank you so much for your patience and for all the work you and your team did on our behalf.
John LeVasseur
October 27, 2014
Easy song Licensing is a great service to the music industry!
Victoria Clarke
October 9, 2014
Thank you for having such an efficient easy-to-use website. We ALMOST went with HFA, and then ALMOST went with Limelight, but after further research, we found easysonglicensing.com. Your pricing is competitive with the 2 aforementioned licensing companies. I also like the fact that I could find you on LinkedIn (which showed that you're a real person and that you've been doing this for years), and that TuneSwoon is NOT an impersonal company like HFA and Limelight seem to be.
Kelly Wafford Augusta, Georgia
September 2, 2014
Thank you SO much! This was my first time having to do anything like this and you guys made it SO easy and it was actually pleasant talking and working with you (compared to almost any other business in any industry)! I really appreciate it! Thanks for all your help!
Michael Ricks
August 15, 2014
You were very professional & most importantly knew what the heck you were talking about. You really came through for us! THANK YOU!
Christina Lewellen
August 30, 2013
You are truly AWESOME. We will be sure to sing your entire team's praises loud and proud to our barbershop community. We're not even done and I would recommend you guys--hands down!
Mary Davis Northfield, Minnesota
August 19, 2013
Gone are the days of long searches and forms. I simply give you the basic copyright information and the proof of licensing arrives within a few days. And the best news? Guaranteed lowest prices. You guys are AMAZING!!
Heather Fay West Haven, Connecticut
August 15, 2013
I'll definitely give you guys a shout out on my social media pages and continue to send people your way. You guys are so great and it's an absolute pleasure to work with you.
Thomas Hataway
April 15, 2013
Can't wait to work with you all again.
Tawni Nguyen
April 3, 2013
Thank you so much for your prompt response and the expedited result. I will come back for more songs in the future and have told friends about your company's great service!
Catherine Cucjen
February 20, 2013
I just want to thank you for being so personable and helpful! Being new to all this, it was really nice being able to talk to someone on the phone and know that I am getting good, reliable service. I really appreciate your hard work. Your service was also quick and made things on my end go so much more smoothly. Again, thank you so much for all your help!
Carol Coronis
January 18, 2013
You guys are great - I'll certainly let folks around here know how easy this was and will recommend you highly. You made what seemed daunting a piece of cake. I'm so glad there are folks like you who are friendly and easy to work with in this crazy biz! Feel free to use any of my statements about how great you guys are for your website.
Slava Makovsky Glen Rock, New Jersey
January 8, 2013
You guys rock and are the best in the industry!
Daniel Schmunk
December 12, 2012
You guys are amazing. I'm stunned by your turn-around time today. Our project seems to have been damned from the beginning, but you guys turned that around in a big way.
Shiela Lane
November 7, 2012
Thanks so much for all your help with our project! And for sticking with us as we fought through it. You guys have been awesome - customer service is top rate. We will definitely use you guys again for our next project.
Rosella Stone
October 8, 2012
Thanks so much! Your company certainly was easier and faster than the others I tried. I will spread the word.
Edward Betz
October 1, 2012
Thanks for the research, that was surprisingly fast! Not to mention, finding the licenses for all of our selections.
Deb Carlson
October 1, 2012
Thank you so much for all your help along the way. It has been so nice to talk to real people. You made the process which at times was paralyzing...fun.
Frank Gubala Cape Coral, Florida
September 10, 2012
It was wonderful to get all this done so quickly. Great service. You made my life easy.
Gregory Johnson
August 14, 2012
This site is awesome man, so easy, thank you for providing the service and making it so pain free.
Marsha Sue Mitchell
May 16, 2012
Thanks for all your help... I look forward to working with you in the future! I have already started telling my peers about your company. Glad I found you! : )
Serenity Stewart
May 8, 2012
You guys are great! Your call back is the reason I licensed with you. The personal service is the way to go!!