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Proudly serving independent musicians since 2005

In 2005, we started out as a mobile recording service for churches, schools, and community groups. Legacy Productions produced quality albums on a budget. We knew we wanted to do things legally, and that meant clearing permission for the cover songs we recorded.

Easy Song Licensing

We got good at licensing and decided to help others. In 2007 we opened and began offering cover song licensing services to the public. Today, our focus is on licensing. We serve 60,000 happy customers and process $1.4 million in royalties each year. Our expanded offerings include custom music clearances for any use, digital reporting services for publishers, backing tracks, and a web API for our business partners.

Affecting positive change

We are proud of the changes we have brought to the music industry, including lower minimum quantities, the ability to license any song, and fast, friendly customer service.

Get help from our experts

Whenever you use copyrighted music you need to get permission. Getting permission is tough. We make it easy by handling everything for you.

Cover Song Licensing

Legally release your new recording of a song that someone else wrote, quickly and easily in 1-2 business days.
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Custom Licensing

Clear copyrighted music for any use. YouTube, film, print, web, tv, advertising, derivatives, grand rights and more.
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