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Music Licensing
Music licenses give you permission to use music you that other people created. The types of licenses you need depend on how you will use that music. Click below to learn what licenses you need for various uses and how to get them.

For CDs Learn how to license music to include on CDs.
For Digital Downloads Find out how music licensing works for MP3 digital downloads.
For Video Discover how to license music for videos for DVD or the web.
For Web See what licenses you need to put your music on the web.
For Public Performance Find out how to get permission to perform songs in public such as at shows or festivals.
For Print Learn how to get permission to reprint lyrics or music notes.
For Radio Learn how radio operators get permission to play songs over the air or on the web.
For Television See what licenses are required to broadcast music over the television.
For Film Learn how to license music to include in your motion picture.
For Stage Discover what licenses are needed for theatrical productions and how to get them.
Of Existing Recordings Learn how to license music that other people recorded, such as samples or background tracks.
Of New Arrangements Learn how to get permission to create a new sheet music arrangement of an existing song.
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