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NEW! Custom Licensing Assistance and Handling
We now proudly offer assistance with ALL your music licensing needs. Get personal assistance from the best licensing team in the music business.

What is Custom Licensing Assistance and Handling?
When your project demands more than basic cover song licensing, Easy Song Licensing’s Custom Assistance is the answer. One payment of $49 gets you everything you need to submit your requests to the copyright holders and clear the rights you need. Upgrade to Custom Handling for $50 and we will process the request for you.

Is custom licensing required for cover songs?
Usually not. Most cover songs can be easily obtained in 1-2 business days for a small fee of $14.99 or less: click here to order your cover song licenses. However, if you change the lyrics, the fundamental melody (general rearrangement is allowed however), or otherwise don't fit within the compulsory law limitations, custom licensing is necessary.

Do you need a custom license?
If you use music that other people created, no matter how you use it, you need to get a license. This is true even if you are giving away your project for free, or if it's for a non-profit. No matter the use, we can help you get the permission you need. There are two scenarios we handle:

1) If you recorded a cover song, usually you do not need a custom license. However, some exceptions apply:
If you changed the lyrics or melody (more than general rearrangement) you need a custom license.
If you want to use a song that has never been released, you need a custom license.
If you want to license retroactively (a previous release of yours), you need a custom license.
If you intend to release for any purpose other than private listening (performance, karaoke), you need a custom license.
If you wish to license an international song, not copyrighted in the United States, you need a custom license.
Click here to learn more about the Compulsory Law where these limitations come from.

If your cover song fits within the Compulsory Law (in other words, none of the above apply), you do not need a custom license: Click here to start your cover song licensing. If any of the above apply, or if you require some other use, you need a custom license. See 2 below.

2) If you need permission for any of the following, you need a custom license: non-compulsory cover songs, video (synch rights), existing audio recordings (master rights), music notes or lyrics (print rights), rearranging (print rights), theatrical productions, parodies, and songs that have never been released.

Custom Assistance
Get valuable guidance from music industry veteran Aaron Green. Benefit from over a decade of experience. Speed up your licensing and increase your chances of successful resolution of your request.

You submit the request with our help. One payment of $49.00 gets you all of the following:


  1. Live consultation:  Meet with our custom licensing expert via phone, Skype, or chat. Get access to a music business veteran with extensive custom licensing experience. We learn about your project, confirm the types of licenses you need, and provide recommendations.
  2. Road Map to Success:  Music publishers are busy, and sometimes, custom requests do not get the attention they deserve. In addition, preferred delivery methods vary. Should you mail your request? Email it? Your personal Road Map to Success shows you how to handle each request to maximize the likelihood of a fair and timely response.
  3. Access to our proprietary request form:  If you want your request to be taken seriously, presentation is critical. Our copyrighted, proprietary form delivers all of the necessary information on a single, organized document.
  4. Copyright holder contact information:  We research your songs and provide contact information for the current copyright holders, including names; addresses; phone numbers; email addresses and more*.
  5. 50% off Custom Handling upfront fee:  You can “do-it-yourself” using our proprietary request document, or you can upgrade to Custom Handling for $50 (see below for details). You save 50% off the regular upfront fee+.


*Maximum five songs per purchase. In some cases, not all contact information will be available. In such cases, we will provide reasonable assistance locating the copyright holder.

+Discount is for the Custom Handling upfront fee only. Additional fees due at signing are not discounted.

Custom Handling
Custom Handling means we administer your request for you. We submit your paperwork to the publishers, negotiate the fees, monitor the progress, and process the licensing when it is ready. Custom Handling is the perfect add-on if you are short on time or simply prefer to leave it to the experts.

Custom Handling Fees
As a Custom Assistance customer, you have the option to upgrade to Custom Handling, where we process the request for you. Our regular fee for Custom Handling is $100 upfront, plus 30% of the fee we negotiate with the copyright holder, due at the time you sign the license. With Custom Assistance, you save 50% upfront, and pay only $50 at the outset, plus 30% due at signing. If you prefer to “do-it-yourself”, you can skip Custom Handling, and the associated fees.

Songs Limitation
Custom Assistance and Custom Handling services include up to five songs submitted to us together on one request form (that we provide), per purchase. Additional songs submitted later, or songs submitted on separate request forms will require additional Custom Assistance and/or Custom Handling purchases. If you upgrade from Custom Assistance to Custom Handling, this is treated as one purchase, even if the payment is split among separate transactions.

No Guarantee
Custom licensing can be challenging because, by law, the copyright holders maintain total control of their works. This means they can set any fee, take all the time they need, and reject the license outright. For this reason, it is important to temper expectations. Many factors affect the response, including budget, use, and even the current workload of the copyright holder’s processing department. For this reason, we do not guarantee licensure in whole or in part for any custom request, and we also do not guarantee timing, or even that you will get a response from the copyright holder. This forfeiture of guarantee extends to cases of both Custom Assistance and Custom Handling.

One Point of Contact
When you hire us for Custom Handling, it is important that you do not also contact the publisher. Multiple requests from multiple contacts only adds confusion to an already complicated process. Instead, please trust us, and respect the publishers' process. This will maximize your chances of a successful and speedy resolution. If you have already contacted the publisher prior to hiring us, please just let us know. We can work around that.

All custom licensing fees paid are final, and are not eligible for refunds. This includes the upfront fees paid for Custom Assistance and Custom Handling, and any additional fees paid at signing for Custom Handling.

To Start
Complete the form below to let us know you want to move forward with Custom Assistance or Custom Handling. Once you have submitted your request, use the PayPal buttons below to complete your payment. We must receive payment before we can proceed.

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Please buy now using PayPal. We must receive payment before we can proceed. Once we receive payment, we will contact you to set up your consultation.

Custom Assistance
You submit the request with our help. Includes live consultation, Road Map to Success, our proprietary form, copyright holder contact info, and easy upgrade to Custom Handling.

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Custom Handling
We submit the request for you. Includes everything from Custom Assistance, plus we submit your request to the copyright holders.

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Upgrade to Custom Handling
Please choose this option only if you have already purchased Custom Assistance, and now wish to upgrade to Custom Handling.

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