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Licensing for Video
If you distribute DVDs, or a digital video for the web, make sure to get permission for any songs you did not write, recordings made by other people, and reprinted lyrics. Licenses should be secured before you distribute. Reputable manufacturers require Proof of Licensing before they press your DVDs. Reputable web sites will remove videos with unlicensed copyrighted material. You do not need to license songs that you wrote yourself or songs that you know are in the Public Domain.

Synchronization, Master, and Print licenses are custom-negotiated upfront with the copyright holder. We do not offer custom-negotiated licenses at this time. For further assistance, contact
You might need:

Synchronization License
If your video has a song that someone else wrote, even if you are the one playing the music.

Master License
If your video has an existing recording that someone else made, even if it's just a small sample.

Print Rights
If you plan to display lyrics or the music notes of a song in your video, or print them on your DVD insert.

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