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  • Thank god for you I have been trying for two weeks with no success to license this song. With your site I was able to do it in 10 minutes. You guys rule. Normally I use your competitor, but this was not available with them. The publisher could not help me and another site was not helping either. With you guys it was fast and easy. I would defiantly recommend your service and use it again for future projects.
    Ken Carlisle
  • Thank you for making the song Licensing process so simple, pleasant, and fast. I thought I would have to go through a whole rig-a-ma-role but as your company says in the logo it was extremely "Easy". So much so that I have applied for another License and will continue to use your service whenever I need to License a song. Once again thank you for making song Licensing so easy.
    Kenny Jeremiah
  • Thank you so much and yes I will use you in the future. You made it simple and I like that!
    Angela Siracusa
  • This is just the second time I have worked with you and have been very satisfied and will be pleased to send my clients in your direction.
    Ned Hearn
  • I just want to let you know that, having had conversations with both you and Tim, I am impressed and comforted by you accessibility and congeniality.
    Bram Morrison
  • Thx Aaron, for a very quick resolution to this song licensing craziness! I would not hesitate referring your company! I was able to move forward in buying the license because I also eventually found the answers I was looking for on your very well detailed website. Awaiting the license!
    Ysabel Gagnon
    Mama Groove Band
  • This site is awesome man, so easy, thank you for providing the service and making it so pain free.
    Gregory Johnson
  • Thank you for your prompt, professional, and expert work in processing my request for a mechanical song license to produce my Latin Jazz CD "Capture the Moment.". I appreciate it. I'm glad I chose" Easy Song Licensing" to obtain my license because I was able to talk with a live person about obtaining a song license. They answered all of my questions to my full satisfaction, and also made several important recommendations to make my CD a complete success. It's a pleasure to work with a team o...
    Sal Salaz
  • You guys were great when I had a big problem with G. Schirmer. You ironed it out FAST.
    Sally Daley, QM
  • Just a short note to thank you for your invaluable assistance in obtaining the copyrights that I needed for my album for our church...The time and headaches that were alleviated by your service was much appreciated....I will most definitely consider you for any future projects...I have filed one of your business cards, at our church office, should anyone decide to do another project, and our minister has taken some to hand out to his pastoral friends at other churches, and I have been giving ...
    David L. Wiedemann
  • Thank you so much for your quick and thorough work!
    Julia Beer
  • U are the best, U are now my new go to for any licensing I will need. U are fast and great to work with. U answered all my questions and resolved my issue that was my mistake. Good catch and thank u for resolving it for me. May I ask is there anywhere I can write a review for the professional service and hospitality u and your company shows. I am very humbled to u my friend. Ty
    Gregory Mckelvie
  • Thanks so much! Your company certainly was easier and faster than the others I tried. I will spread the word.
    Rosella Stone
  • I am so grateful for your quick response. Once again, I am so grateful. BLESS YOUR HEART. talk to U soon.
    Martin Engram
  • Alright Aaron. If you're fishing for a testimonial, you just might get it! I've dealt with your competitor for years and I appreciate your promptness. I hope the great customer service continues as you expand.
    Gerald Beulah
  • That's great news, and I thank you for all your help. You made things so much easier. And I will indeed spread the word about your services, any time the opportunity arises. Thanks again for all your help. I'll send you a CD when it finally comes out -- hope you like it.
    Eileen Mager
  • Great service and totally professional. Thank you for all your help.
    Van Roland
  • Thanks for all your help... I look forward to working with you in the future! I have already started telling my peers about your company. Glad I found you! : )
    Marsha Sue Mitchell
  • Great! Thanks....And yes, it was "easy" for this old gal! I truly appreciate it.
    Cherie Mullins
  • Thanks for all of your time on the phone and the many emails. I will highly recommend your service to other people who need extra help with copyright and recordings!
    Glen Tuomaala
    St. Cloud State University
  • Thank you for your quick processing. I loom forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.
  • Thank you so much for your patience and for all the work you and your team did on our behalf.
    Rosetta Miller
    Covenant Choir, INC
    LaGrange, IN
  • Thank you so much for your prompt response and the expedited result. I will come back for more songs in the future and have told friends about your company's great service!
    Tawni Nguyen
  • Easily the best act in song licensing land!
    Rob Davis
  • I am completely sold on Easy Song Licensing!!! From the first moment when they answered my call, I knew they were going to be a great company to work with. They are very knowledgeable and courteous. IN NO WAY, have they ever made me feel dumb for asking questions that I should have known the answers to. They make the entire licensing process easy and have found the full rights to every song I've thrown at them. I plan to work with them on all of my licensing projects in the future. Way to go ...
    Morgan Tindall
  • You guys rock and are the best in the industry!
    Slava Makovsky
    Glen Rock, NJ
  • Use this service if you need a Mechanical license for your songs! The professional help you will receive is outstanding, Thank you Aaron and Patrick for your personal assistance, You made the process extremely easy.
    John Suveizdis
  • THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I sincerely appreciate the lightning fast turnaround to license my project - way exceeded my expectations on something I never thought would be easy, especially on a rare, somewhat obscure song. The rates are very reasonable. I'll certainly use your organization again.
    Dan Gannon
  • Thanks for everything. I’ll be sure to mention your services to me friends, as well as return for my future recordings.
    Ira Gonzalez
  • Thanks for your company's excellent service!
    Billy McLaughlin
  • Thank you SO much! This was my first time having to do anything like this and you guys made it SO easy and it was actually pleasant talking and working with you (compared to almost any other business in any industry)! I really appreciate it! Thanks for all your help!
    Kelly Wafford
    Stevens Creek Church
    Augusta, GA
  • I can't say enough great things about you guys! Customer service was extra helpful. I've always had to use your competitor as they were pretty much "the only game in town" for mechanical licensing. I'm happy to help spread your word as everything about your company absolutely blows away the competition! Especially going the extra mile to get 100% percentage of certain songs (and in two days!). So, much appreciation for what you guys are doing and kudos to my friends at DiscMakers for turning ...
    Stanley Whitaker
  • HOLY COW, DUDE!!! You did it! Thank you so much for figuring that out. I'm consistently surprised by the amazing level of customer service provided by small companies like yours. This has been great, and I will clear the rights of every CD I make with you. It was ridiculously easy, and your follow-through was staggeringly impressive. You guys are so good it almost creeps me out… Thank you for all you do.
    Ken Johnson
  • Thank you guys for your honesty and professionalism!
    Carlos Mojica
  • Thank you so much. You made it very easy, just like your ad! I will pass along your information to my friends.
    Roberta Duchak
  • Thank you very much!!!!! This is very exciting news for us. Thanks for all of your help and we will definitely refer you any chance we get.
    Rhonda Ashbaugh
  • I've done biz with Easy Song Licensing on two projects. It's difficult to find this level of cordial, competent service anywhere. Couldn't be more pleased. My rep responded quickly and clearly every time, making me feel that I was being taken care of by someone who knew me. A very good experience!
    Rob Slater
  • Thanks so much for all your help with our project! And for sticking with us as we fought through it. You guys have been awesome - customer service is top rate. We will definitely use you guys again for our next project.
    Shiela Lane
  • Thank you for the good work. We are already spreading the news about how easy it is to get the rights. Again, thank you for everything.
    Diane Soden-Groves
  • Wow. Our results are already back and the personal attention you gave me was truly amazing. THANK YOU!!! Your service is absolutely top notch.
    Chris Wilson
  • You were very professional & most importantly knew what the heck you were talking about. You really came through for us! THANK YOU!
    Michael Ricks
  • You guys are amazing. I'm stunned by your turn-around time today. Our project seems to have been damned from the beginning, but you guys turned that around in a big way.
    Daniel Schmunk
  • I've secured licenses in the past from your competitors. When I searched these songs there, there were a few glitches in getting all permissions. Feeling great that you think these songs will be easy to license. Between the personal touch and ease.... your competition will be a distant memory in no time.
    Amy Banks
  • You are truly AWESOME. We will be sure to sing your entire team's praises loud and proud to our barbershop community. We're not even done and I would recommend you guys--hands down!
    Christina Lewellen
  • Thanks for your help. This is the first time I use this website. It was very easy and I like the option of waiting until the songs clear to make a payment. I will be using it again soon.
    Ethan Airhart
  • You will never know how grateful I am for your fast reply to my plea! Thank you so much. If I ever have any problems with copyright again, I will certainly contact you. My sincerest appreciation. I have received my mechanical license, and deeply appreciate your service. Thank you so much.
    Janet Lee
  • Thanks very much for your timely services! I appreciate the ease with which I can accomplish what I need!
    Tom Hill
  • Easy Song Licensing is a pleasure to work with. Just tell them about your project and they take the ball, run with it and complete it in far less time than you might expect. With ESL, the licensing process is one part of your project you will have no worries about.
    Sam Bentley
  • Excellent, informative and friendly service. Highly recommended.
    Timothy Mudbone-Tucker
  • Loved talking to these guys and they truly could not have made it easier for me! Thanks for making this part of my project a breeze~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    BJ Kocen
  • I'll definitely give you guys a shout out on my social media pages and continue to send people your way. You guys are so great and it's an absolute pleasure to work with you.
    Heather Fay
    West Haven, CT
  • You guys really made this easy and what was looking like an insurmountable hurdle basically just disappeared! Appreciate what you guys are doing and how you go about doing it.
    Hayden Gordon-Brander
  • We had a great experience working with ESL. They answered all of our questions and were very prompt at responding to our calls or emails. Looking forward to working with them on other licensing projects. They're the best!
    Stephanie Trick
  • Your services were amazing and certainly worth the fee you charged. I will tell everyone I can and would use you again in a heartbeat!
    Shaun Spangler
  • I will definitely spread the word about ""
    Derek Johnson
  • You guys are great! Your call back is the reason I licensed with you. The personal service is the way to go!!
    Serenity Stewart
  • Great to work with. Customer service is first rate! Thanks!
    Rick Voyles
  • Thanks for being on top of it... and for being on top of it more than me. Again, you guys are great and I can't wait to tell people who I used for licensing and YOU BETTER rise to the top and take all the Limelight clients! :)
    Sarah Timm
  • I just want to thank you for being so personable and helpful! Being new to all this, it was really nice being able to talk to someone on the phone and know that I am getting good, reliable service. I really appreciate your hard work. Your service was also quick and made things on my end go so much more smoothly. Again, thank you so much for all your help!
    Catherine Cucjen
  • I love this site. It is so convenient, and worth every penny. Very affordable. I do a lot of covers and it is such an easy process.
    Adrienne Grayce
  • Thanks for the research, that was surprisingly fast! Not to mention, finding the licenses for all of our selections.
    Edward Betz
  • Quick note to say thanks for your fast service. When i was with your competitor it took them weeks for what you guys did in one day! To all involved, once again, thank you.
    Joshua Krogh
  • First time with you guys, and I will definitely be coming back, great experience, Thank You!
    Sparky Simmons
  • Can't wait to work with you all again.
    Thomas Hataway
  • I have used a different company in the past for licensing cover songs and have just tried Easy Song Licensing for the first time. I can't recommend these guys highly enough! The process was quick and easy and there are real people to move things right along. If any of my musician friends ever need a mechanical license, these are the people to talk to. Tell 'em Westside Steve Simmons sent you!
    Steve W Simmons
  • This is great work! I appreciate the quick response.
    Grant DesCarpentrie
  • Easy song Licensing is a great service to the music industry!
    John LeVasseur
  • You guys are great - I'll certainly let folks around here know how easy this was and will recommend you highly. You made what seemed daunting a piece of cake. I'm so glad there are folks like you who are friendly and easy to work with in this crazy biz! Feel free to use any of my statements about how great you guys are for your website.
    Carol Coronis
  • Thanks! You've made it so easy for me. You rock!
    Diana DeQuinque
  • Gone are the days of long searches and forms. I simply give you the basic copyright information and the proof of licensing arrives within a few days. And the best news? Guaranteed lowest prices. You guys are AMAZING!!
    Mary Davis
    St. Olaf College Music Department
    Northfield, MN
  • Thank you for having such an efficient easy-to-use website. We ALMOST went with HFA, and then ALMOST went with Limelight, but after further research, we found Your pricing is competitive with the 2 aforementioned licensing companies. I also like the fact that I could find you on LinkedIn (which showed that you're a real person and that you've been doing this for years), and that TuneSwoon is NOT an impersonal company like HFA and Limelight seem to be.
    Victoria Clarke
  • Thank you so much for all your help along the way. It has been so nice to talk to real people. You made the process which at times was
    Deb Carlson
  • The "BEST" customer service! These guys got my licenses done in a professional and courteous manner. They were there for me! I ended up licensing my complete CD with them because they were available via chat, email and phone! They put me at ease and answered all my questions and even reviewed my licenses and made an adjustment after the transaction was completed! They live up to their name!
    Joseph Lorenzo Wise
  • I just received all of my licensing information today. Thank you for your time and attention to our album. It is a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely be doing business in the future. Thanks again.
    Brian Duncan
  • Wow! You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!! I will absolutely recommend you! I'm so impressed and you have no idea how the speed at which you got this done for us saved us. Thank you a thousand times!
    Kate Morrison
  • It was my first time to license a song, and I'm very happy I've done it with ESL. First of all, there are real people to answer the phone and patiently answer all the question, great email communication and fast response. I was amazed with the speed of the licensing process and a quality of the service. Great team of awesome professional people! Thank you so much!
    Elvira Kalnik
  • WOW!!!!! Talk about fast!!! You guys are the best and I will be recommending you to everyone I can and I will be using you guys from now on! Thank you so much again!!
    Donovan Marcelle
  • It was wonderful to get all this done so quickly. Great service. You made my life easy.
    Frank Gubala
    Three G's Creative Minds
    Cape Coral, FL
  • Thanks so much for your help! I was in a hurry to get this project done and found out what a frustrating ordeal the licensing process can be. I still have one organization who I emailed (with no response) then (a week later) spoke with a person at their office - who assured me that they would get the proper information back to me asap. It's going on three weeks and I still haven't heard from them. I will surely contact you for my next project and spread the word when there's an opportunity...
    Mike Soldan
  • Thank you for your help today. I got to have an interactive moment with a real human being! I called the number and Aaron answered! No circular phone tree. No obtuse bad 80's website. Aaron made the process easy. If you need to license a tune (like Louis & Clarke did for our upcoming release). Call these guys. They are a pleasure to work with!!!! I am a fan of Easy Song Licensing - these guys are local, personable and very very helpful. Unlike Harry Fox Agency, these people actually answer th...
    Steve Clarke
    Louis & Clarke
    Minneapolis, MN
  • They live up to their name - easy, peasy. And helpful when I had a question.
    Erin Friedman
  • I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your voice mail today. I am really impressed with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm from you and your team. Even my conversation over the phone last week (not sure if it was you or not) was wonderful. You guys really take the "not so fun" things in music and really make it easy.
    LT Turner Jr.
  • I am a new customer and I couldn't be happier. I make a CD every year with my choir, and it was exquisitely easy to clear the rights for the cover songs on the album. The customer service is fantastic. I started a project just to price it out, and they called me (a real person called me!) just to see if I had any questions. So impressive!
    Ken Johnson
  • Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with Easy Song Licensing. You have made something that used to be hard to near impossible to do, especially for quantities under 500, into something that is a breeze. We do at least three recordings a year and it has been a pleasure to work with you.
    Dan Karger
  • I am SO impressed with how fast and easy this was to obtain licensing for my upcoming CD. THANK YOU!!!
    Andrea Carter
  • Thanks again for your help. You've made the process of getting music clearance for this festival so much clearer. I look forward to working with you in the future, should I need any services that your company provides.
    Leslie Lello
  • Thanks for your phone call confirming that I wanted 100 units (instead of 250 as we had discussed previously). Your customer service is sterling, the kind I try to provide to my web clients. It's rare and refreshing. For your website: "Easy Song Licensing ROCKS! I struggled for weeks working with your competitor and received almost zero help or customer service. Their database of songs was incomplete. I was ready to give up when I found your website. Your customer service was fast, efficien...
    Les Izzmoore (aka Greg Vinson)
  • It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been so patient with our first stab at this. You made it very easy for us to learn the process.
    Sharyn Poston
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